YouTube for advertisers

YouTube for advertisers

So what does YouTube for advertisers look like? With YouTube, you can reach your advertising goals. Predict, optimize and measure the impact of your advertising campaigns!

  • Optimize your YouTube ad spend
  • Pre-test your creative and improve your results
  • Gain insights on the total impact of your campaign on brand and performance
  • Work with transparent pricing models
  • Get in contact with real life YouTube advertising experts

Successful YouTube advertising

There are 3 important elements for a successful advertising campaign on YouTube

  1. A strong creative is the most important element to drive sales. Research shows that 55% of the digital advertising campaign’ performance is driven by the creative.
  2. Media is responsible for 30% of the effectiveness of the campaign. This could be platform, targeting and context.
  3. The brand is responsible for the remaining 15%
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Advertiser Oot Granola’s lucrative YouTube Advertising strategy

Oot Granola is an example of a successful advertiser on YouTube. The breakfast brand had experienced tremendous growth in 2021, and came to our YouTube Agency asking for a performance-based advertising strategy on YouTube. Their goal? Use YouTube Advertising to generate sales.
Take into consideration that taking out a subscription, which ties you to a particular product for a longer period of time, is not something people do every day. It’s quite a big step for the usual YouTube viewer. A challenge? Definitely! But YouTube Agency Team5pm is happy to prove otherwise.
Through data-driven audience research, strategic and creative content creation and campaign management, we achieved awesome results. More quantitative and qualitative traffic to Oot’s website and a gigantic increase in subscriptions and first-time purchases! Read more about the Oot Granola case here.

Give YouTube advertising the attention it deserves

Want to know more about how you give YouTube advertising the attention it deserves? In this article we tell you more about YouTube advertising and why you should use specialists to manage your campaigns.

If you are interested, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help.

YouTube Advertising
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The data-driven approach of YouTube Agency Team5pm

Our data-driven approach is aimed to optimize your creative and media. Because with the media alone nobody is going to remember the message and with only a strong creative the message doesn’t get the deserved attention.

As a YouTube Agency, Team5pm predicts, optimizes and measures the impact of your YouTube advertising. Our approach isn’t based on gut feeling but on data driven insights and a continuous analysis of these 3 elements of success.


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