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content is everywhere

And so are we. From five countries, we’re creating effective content for all relevant platforms. We do this with data. No complex excel sheets or boring 0s and 1s. No, human behavior kind of data. About your target audience. We combine it with creativity – this is how we create content that your audience actually wants to see.

content is everywhere


introducing… the sweet spot

Where the worlds of facts and imagination meet.


how we roll

One central approach with data as the common thread.

With data on your audience we find your sweet spot. Where your target group is, but your competition isn’t.

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We produce a cool format or creative concept, tailored to different platforms.

We blow up your sweet spot. With organic and paid distribution, we ensure reach at the right time.

We reach the right KPIs. With data research we measure and optimise your results.

different teams working as one

Our different agencies each have their own expertise. We unite as a content group – connected by the same data-driven approach.






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The right attention from the right target group with data-driven YouTube content.


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This is how your brand stands out amidst the crowd of social content.

online commercials

Make more impact with commercials that fit the online world

our expertise

From YouTube to online commercials and social – with specialized knowledge we make content your audience actually wants to see. On platforms they actually use.

what we make

Data kills creativity? Hell no! We bring data and creativity together. This combination ensures that we create effective content. Content your audience loves.


  • Online commercials

    Growing brand preference in a highly competitive market? We did it with Lucardi's mother's day campaign. Target group data combined with creativity created the ideal full-funnel social campaign.

  • Online commercials

    Creating 30% more impact with the same online media budget? Together with Volkswagen, we show how it’s done, by creating an online-first commercial. It’s time to play by the rules of the digital world.

  • Social

    Turning your online community into Prime Video subscribers? A combination of data, content creation, and smart social distribution of the Prime Original 'Van A naar Onbekend' did the trick.

  • Social

    Dominating Google, YouTube, and TikTok with #1 rankings? We did it with the 'HEMA Helps' series. Truly a cross-platform SEO triumph, boosting online visibility with data.

  • YouTube

    Together with Bol, we took product reviews to the next level. By combining help content and entertainment, 'Sterren Reviews' kept viewers hooked for six minutes straight.

  • From the #1 YouTube agency in the Netherlands to a full-service strategic video partner, active in over 26 countries. We are celebrating our 5 years anniversary.

  • Online commercials

    Transitioning from offline to online? Do it like Beter Bed, and create real impact with data-driven YouTube ads. Data research, spot-on targeting, a media plan, and clear follow-up studies boosted their brand preference.

  • Boosting YouTube visibility? Andrélon did it by engaging viewers with high-quality content and spot-on targeting. On top of that, they ranked in the #10 search results on Google and YouTube.

  • Online commercials

    The perks of personalized ads? Having millions of viewers watch your ad, even though they could skip it. This is what we call quality attention through YouTube ads. Find out how we did it for the Volkswagen ID.4.

  • team5pm expands into the Nordics with Swedish Co-founders Nicolin Lilhage and Nathalie Tideström Heidmark.

  • Transavia advertises informative YouTube videos per video topic and gets a huge amount of watch time

  • Online commercials

    What do you mean, the niche group of business owners can't be reached with online video ads? We prove the opposite and show how Centraal Beheer strengthened its bond with them.

  • A textbook example of how to reach even the most niche-like audiences with YouTube advertising. René Hogenes finds quality leads with YouTube advertising.

  • YouTube

    BrandMR increased their brand awareness on YouTube. How so? By mapping out the most searched questions about legal help and answering them with YouTube ads targeted at the right audience.

  • A format for GAMMA's anniversary campaign: 'The Treehouse DIY' reached their audience through a data-driven DIY approach, and won an international Webby award along with it.

  • How do you enter a new market with a streaming platform? Prime Video did it by increasing their brand awareness with YouTube ads so compelling, they created more than 2 million hours of watch time.

  • This is how De Telegraaf became the top news brand on YouTube for millennials, turning their channel into a full-fledged marketing machine that tripled revenue.

  • 91% of GAMMA’s home DIYs rank in the top 3 in Google and YouTube. By choosing exactly the right video topics, the target audience watched GAMMA’s content for hours.

  • YouTube

    We believe in the power of really knowing your audience. That is why we used intent-based content research and audience behavior analysis to reach L'OR's target group.

  • YouTube

    Canon claimed the 'photography for beginners' domain on YouTube with a thought-through strategy. The results? 50,000 organic views and #1 rankings on Google and YouTube.

  • YouTube

    People interested in buying a car watch vehicle reviews on YouTube. Together with Hyundai, we prove how long-form video content combining SEO, data analytics and smart distribution therefore pays off.

  • This is how SEO optimization created massive success in increasing views and watch time for Tuinmanieren, the YouTube channel for gardening and more.

  • YouTube

    KPN knows how to give customized wifi advice. In fact, they are claiming the wifi domain on YouTube. How? With data-driven research and a smart advertising strategy, boosting organic reach.

  • Oot Granola generated sales and subscriptions with YouTube ads, and here's what made it possible: data-driven target group research, strategic and creative content creation and campaign management.

  • Social

    With the combination of strategic content creation and a well-thought-out distribution strategy, KPN won over the hearts of gaming youngsters with the biggest gaming-channel in the Netherlands: legends of gaming.

  • Winning over Gen Zs and Millennials with original branded formats

  • KPN claims the fiber internet domain on YouTube, thanks to data. How? We created 6 optimized how-to videos, answering frequently asked questions about internet, which ranked in the top 3 on both YouTube and Google.

  • To showcase Prime Video's extensive library in an entertaining way, we created 'De Knop, Rico Routine and Koken met Roelie'. This is how simple YouTube-optimized shows turned out to be simply perfect.

  • We get to work for cool brands from all over the world. From Prime Video to PlayStation.

  • From South Africa we service our clients with high-end video edits and productions - during the whole year.

  • We say what we think and do what we say. We’re down to earth. Not perfect and friendly. We’re real team players who make smart choices based on data.

  • Together with Frank de Wit, 5PM starts a video production company and changes its name to Team5pm.

  • When we just turned one year old we already won the prestigious Dutch SAN prize: the award show that celebrates the new generation of agencies.

  • Brands are finding it hard to reach their audience in the new media landscape. From their background at RTL and years of media experience, Jelmer Wind, Tom Schoufs, Ronen Wolf and Peter Minkjan see the potential of YouTube. YouTube agency 5PM was born. The goal? Making brands successful on YouTube!