Generate leads through YouTube advertising

Collect leads, without your viewer having to leave YouTube

Lead Generatie YouTube

Tess Sjollema
Jr. Advertising Specialist

YouTube: solely an upper funnel distribution channel? Absolutely not! Google is continuously expanding its performance-based advertising possibilities, this time with lead forms extensions. Convince your target group to get in touch without having to leave the platform.


The consumer in 2021 has high expectations of brands and services. What is offered online is endless, competition is strong and the customer journey is no longer linear. If you have managed to reach your potential customer, the question remains whether you have been noticed, grabbed their attention and managed to convinced them that your product or service is worthwhile. If all of this is the case, then you want it to be as easy and pleasant as possible for the consumer to convert. If it isn’t, there’s a good chance the consumer will drop out and become a customer elsewhere. Think of a web page that loads too slowly, having to fill in a lot of information on a small screen, typos that are not automatically corrected, or the challenge finding out where/how to get in contact. Filling out a lead form is quickly abandoned by the consumer if it doesn’t meet their expectations.


By adding a lead form to your video ad, action can be taken directly from YouTube. The extension is an efficient method to generate good quality leads. Not only for the consumer, but also for the advertiser. Provide a catchy headline and description, choose up to 10 questions you want to ask your target audience, and add your privacy policy. This is an accessible way to generate leads as there is no reference to an external link; the consumer can easily leave his or her details on a platform which is familiar to him/her. If the consumer has linked his/her contact details to a Google account, these will also be filled in automatically in the lead form.

Lead form YouTube


With new leads it is important to get in touch as soon as possible, so that the consumer does not hesitate and remembers your brand well. It is therefore advisable to keep a close eye on newly acquired leads within Google Ads. The list of leads from the past 30 days can be downloaded as a csv file, or even better: create a webhook integration to receive leads directly into the CRM system.


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