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youtube offers opportunities

And we utilize them. Whether you want to claim a domain, advertize or build communities. From five countries we make effective YouTube content. We do this with data and loads of creativity. No complex excel sheets, but data about real people. This is how we put your audience on #1.

youtube offers opportunities


our services

As a YouTube agency we can help you both organically as well as paid. From content creation to YouTube advertising. We got you.

YouTube strategy

We provide a data-based strategy to achieve your brand KPIs. The start of success on YouTube.

YouTube creation

Our creative smart asses come up with YouTube formats that your audience loves – mixing data and creativity.

YouTube production

From long-form to short-form: our in-house studio produces YouTube content that scores.

YouTube growth

We grow your online visibility on YouTube. Think of: claiming domains, growing communities and top rankings.

YouTube advertising

We make sure the right people, see the right content. We do this with targeting based on your audience’s interests.

YouTube research

We guarantee maximum results and measure the effect of YouTube for your brand.

what we make

YouTube users see countless videos every day. We make sure brands stand out amidst the crowd.


  • social

    the Prime Original Van A naar Onbekend combined with smart social distribution turned an online community into Prime Video subscribers. A high quality tv series with an online vibe.

  • social

    with our tool topictree HEMA knew what they needed to make content about. the HEMA Helps series dominated not only Google and YouTube, but also TikTok with top rankings.

  • YouTube

    the data-driven YouTube series sterren reviews combines entertainment with help content. the target group on average watched six minutes of skippable ad.

  • online commercials

    with data-driven YouTube ads and a strong media plan we generated real impact in the transition from offline to online

  • increasing visibility on YouTube? we did it for Andrélon! engage your viewer with high-quality content and spot-on targeting.

  • online commercials

    personalized Volkswagen ads: more than a million viewers saw the ads and more than half sticked around - while they could also skip

  • online commercials

    Centraal Beheer strengthened its bond with business owners, proving that this niche group can be reached with an online-only video ad on YouTube

  • YouTube

    BrandMR increased their brand awareness by targeting a niche with the legal help they were looking for

  • a format for GAMMA's anniversary campaign: 'The Treehouse DIY' earned an international Webby award! this is how to reach your audience through a data-driven DIY approach

  • Prime Video increases brand awareness with ads that the community just can't resist. The result? More than 2 million hours of watch time!

  • YouTube

    we believe in the power of really knowing your audience. this is how L'OR used intent-based content research and audience behavior analysis to reach their target group.

  • YouTube

    Canon claimed the domain 'photography for beginners' on YouTube with a thought-through strategy. The results? 50,000 organic views!

  • YouTube

    car buyers watch YouTube vehicle reviews. Hyundai proves integrated strategy: SEO, data analytics, long-form content, and smart distribution pays off.

  • Massive success in increasing views and watch time. This is how SEO optimization improved the Tuinmanieren YouTube channel.

  • YouTube

    by claiming the wifi domain on YouTube, KPN optimally used YouTube to give consumers customized wifi advice

  • data-driven insights make it possible: Oot Granola generates sales and subscriptions with YouTube ads

  • social

    KPN wins over hearts of gaming youngsters with the biggest gaming-channel in the Netherlands: legends of gaming. Iconic influencers and the coolest content.

  • Dutch provider KPN claims the Fiber internet domain on YouTube using data. 6 optimised how-to videos, answering frequently asked questions about Fiber internet, ranked in the top 3 on both YouTube and Google!

  • how simple YouTube-optimised shows turned out to be simply perfect. Prime Videos' De Knop, Rico Routine and Koken met Roelie achieved crazy results!

data drives us
to be different

What we do we base on data. Not gut feel. This data we combine with creativity. Usually people have the misconception that these two clash. But we don’t agree. We bring data and creativity together. With this combo, we create effective YouTube content. That your audience wants to watch.

introducing… the sweet spot

Where the worlds of facts and imagination meet.


how we roll

One central approach with data as the common thread

With data on your audience we find your sweet spot. Where your target group is, but your competition isn’t.

We produce a cool format or creative concept specifically made for YouTube.

We blow up your sweet spot. With YouTube SEO and advertising we make sure your content grows.

We reach the right KPIs. With YouTube research we measure and optimise your results.

we are part of a content group

Our vision? To build strong brands with content. We come together – united by the same data-driven approach.






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This is how your brand stands out amidst the crowd of social content.

online commercials

Make more impact with commercials that fit the online world

our expertises

From YouTube to online commercials and social – we know what we’re doing. Effective content for platforms your audience actually uses.