as a data-driven content group, we bring different people, perspectives and talents together – united by the same mindset

our history

We are six years old now. And wow, what a ride it has been so far. Check out our highlights.


  • May 2018

    start 5pm

    Brands are finding it hard to reach their audience in the new media landscape. From their background at RTL and years of media experience, Jelmer Wind, Tom Schoufs, Ronen Wolf and Peter Minkjan see the potential of YouTube. YouTube agency 5PM was born. The goal? Making brands successful on YouTube!

  • May 2019

    SAN new kids on the block

    When we just turned one year old we already won the prestigious Dutch SAN prize: the award show that celebrates the new generation of agencies.

  • Jun 2020

    continuing together as team5pm

    Together with Frank de Wit, 5PM starts a video production company and changes its name to Team5pm.

  • Jun 2020

    culture embedded in core values

    We say what we think and do what we say. We’re down to earth. Not perfect and friendly. We’re real team players who make smart choices based on data.

  • Jan 2022

    expansion to Cape Town

    From South Africa we service our clients with high-end video edits and productions - during the whole year.

  • Jan 2022

    from 4 to +75 clients

    We get to work for cool brands from all over the world. From Prime Video to PlayStation.

  • Jan 2023

    stockholm office

    team5pm expands into the Nordics with Swedish Co-founders Nicolin Lilhage and Nathalie Tideström Heidmark.

  • May 2023

    celebrating our 5th birthday

    From the #1 YouTube agency in the Netherlands to a full-service strategic video partner, active in over 26 countries. We are celebrating our 5 years anniversary.

our team

Data is nothing, without great talents that connect the dots. Different people and different perspectives – meet the faces behind our data-driven content group.

we are a content group

Based on your KPIs, we put together a team from different disciplines. This way, we make sure you’ll grow with content.






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