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We were born and raised on YouTube, this allowed us to develop a unique data-driven approach with which we create effective videos

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About us

Team5pm is a data-driven video agency, that unites the power of data and online video.

Our experts build and expand your brand from a fresh perspective using video. Our unique approach guarantees results across all relevant video platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, and Meta.

We bring together strategy, creativity, production, distribution, and research under one roof. With a team of over 100 video experts, we have locations in Amsterdam, Cape Town, and Stockholm, and maintain a global network of national and international clients such as Prime Video, HEMA, Volkswagen, and PlayStation.

Our video cases have been globally recognized by a.o. The Webby Awards, The YouTube Works, The Global Search Awards and The European Video Awards.


We take the guesswork out of video content by using data insights as the backbone of everything we do.

Our data-driven approach to video marketing

Our no-nonsense approach delivers an in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour, trends, platforms and relevant markets. Data is like the common thread in all of our services. We transform these insights into a video product tailored to your objectives.


From strategy to creativity. From video production to distribution and measurement. We change your ‘maybes’ into ‘sures’ every time

Data Research
& Strategy

Starting point of success

& Production

Bringing your video solution to life

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Ensuring maximum results

Companies who trust us

We help clients from across the globe to innovate their use of video. Both organic and paid, long-form and short-form

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