Additional Terms and Conditions Campaign Management & Media Buying

1. Applicability

1.1. These conditions apply additionally to the general Terms and Conditions in the event of Team5pm’s campaign management and media buying services.

1.2. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the definitions used in the general Terms and Conditions apply to these additional conditions as well.

2. Customer care

2.1 Team5pm has consultants who, if agreed upon, can advise the Client on the use of advertising campaigns on social media platforms, such as Youtube, Facebook and LinkedIn. Part of the advice may be Team5pm purchasing the media on behalf of the Client. In this case, either Team5pm will pay the costs in advance, or the Client mandates Team5pm for the duration of the Agreement to pay the costs on its behalf.

2.2 The Client is responsible and guarantees that it will answer questions from Team5pm in a timely manner and makes timely decisions in order for Team5pm to perform its services unhindered. The Client guarantees that employees involved are suitable and mandated on behalf of the Client. Team5pm is not responsible for any damage that the Client suffers because campaigns are less effective than anticipated, or because the Client has not instructed Team5pm, or not in time, or wrongly or unclearly.

2.3 The aforementioned mandated employees of the Client can approach the consultant(s) appointed by Team5PM directly for questions and / or requests with regard to the execution of the Assignment.

3. Invoicing and payments

3.1. Any payments made in advance by Team5pm (including the fee to do so) regarding media buying for the Client, will be invoiced by Team5pm monthly in arrears.

3.2. Team5pm calculates a fee of 2% on any payments made in advance, unless specifically agreed otherwise in the Agreement.

3.3. If the Client terminates the Agreement prematurely regarding campaign management and media buying, the Client will owe Team5pm the fee for this service equal to the amount that Team5pm would charge for the rest of the term of the Agreement (if it had not been terminated).