Brand Effect Measurement

A Brand Effect Measurement helps to understand the impact of YouTube on your brand and increase the effectiveness of your campaigns, we conduct brand effect measurements for key brand KPIs, such as brand awareness, brand preference and purchase intent. With this, we measure the effectiveness of your video campaign and go beyond YouTube statistics, such as reach, attention and subscribers.We did this for example for Hyundai. The Brand Effect Measurement showed an increase in key brand KPIs. Curious to read more about this Brand Effect Measurement? Check out the case here.

Video pre-testing and optimization

More than 50% of the success of your digital campaign is determined by your video creation. That’s why we research and optimize the effectiveness of your videos before your YouTube campaign goes live. With the help of audience retention data, eye-tracking, heatmapping and neuro-research we perform pretests and optimize your videos in no-time so they retain attention and make an impact. Want to learn more about Video Pre-testing and Optimization? Read this blog!

Thumbnail pre-testing and optimization

A thumbnail is the business card of your video and important for the YouTube algorithm to rank your video well. A good thumbnail stands out and convinces people to watch your video. Therefore, we research and optimize the effectiveness of your thumbnails before your YouTube campaign goes live. Using eye-tracking, heatmapping and A/B(/C) testing, we research and optimize your thumbnails in no-time so they stand out and generate a high click-through-rate (CTR).Read more about Thumbnail pre-testing and optimization here.

Viewer research

A successful YouTube channel contributes to brand awareness, brand preference and purchase intention, but it is also important for stimulating customer loyalty and increasing customer satisfaction. That’s why we conduct ongoing viewer research to find out what the wants and needs of your viewers are. These insights help you to better connect your future campaigns to your target audience.

Influencer brand fit research

Influencers can enhance your YouTube advertising performance and improve overall conversion. Therefore, we conduct Influencer Brand Fit research in order to identify which (combination of) influencers fit your YouTube campaign, brand values and target audiences best. In this way, we ensure that you get the maximum reach, impact and ROI from your influencer budgets.

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