Content Creation

Campaign Development

Create impactful campaign content for your target group. This is how YouTube becomes the platform for your campaigns’ success.

We invent and create impactful campaign content for your target group! We do this based on data research, proven trend insights and organic content knowledge. We know what your target audience wants to see!


How do you know that you have come up with a good idea? And when does a basic idea have the potential to grow into a successful content campaign? Team5pm dives into the data to brief the creative team with relevant and verified data insights. This is the starting point for developing a strong idea and strategy. We humanize the data and create a strong foundation for the creative idea.


YouTube, in addition to being the largest VOD platform and the second largest search engine, is also the largest source of organic viewing in the world. Team5pm is intensively working with this gigantic source of viewing information on a daily basis and uses it in combination with years of experience in the international entertainment industry to come up with the best content campaigns.


The creative team at Team5pm has a diverse background in the international entertainment industry (e.g. RTL and EndemolShine) and extensive experience in the development, development and distribution of successful video formats on national TV and on online platforms, including YouTube. We are daily engaged by combining data research with autonomous creativity. This results in new, creative and effective ideas which are underpinned by data research. This increases the success rate of a pitch and the final product, drastically reducing the investment risk.

Do you also want to achieve results with YouTube based on data insights? We would love to take you into the wonderful world of YouTube!

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