Data-driven video innovations that we’re proud of

  • Transavia

    Generating quality watch time with advertising informative travel videos on YouTube

  • Centraal Beheer

    Reaching a business owners niche with an online-only video ad on YouTube

  • René Hogenes

    René Hogenes finds quality leads with YouTube advertising

  • BrandMR

    Targeting a niche audience with the legal help they were looking for

  • GAMMA’s Treehouse DIY

    Data and creativity combined into a YouTube-optimised format

  • Prime Video

    Now it’s Prime time, creating ad people can’t resist

  • De Telegraaf

    The success of the Telegraaf’s YouTube Channel


    How GAMMA dominates YouTube and Google search results

  • L’OR

    Data-driven consultancy for L’OR on YouTube

  • Canon

    From an one time TV-campaign to year round visibility

  • Hyundai

    How Hyundai uses YouTube to sell more electric cars

  • Tuinmanieren

    Increasing your findability through optimisation

  • KPN WiFi

    How KPN claims the domain ‘WiFi’ on YouTube

  • Oot Granola

    How the right ad strategy can sell subscription-based granola.

  • KPN x LOG

    KPN as the branded force behind the biggest online gaming platform

  • KPN Ultimate Speedtest

    Winning over Gen Zs and Millennials with original branded formats

  • KPN Fiber Internet

    How Dutch provider KPN owns the fiber Internet domain on YouTube

  • Prime Video

    Native, creator-like branded formats that create a loyal fanbase