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The objective

Last year, Amazon Prime Video entered the Dutch market, where competitors like Netflix and the smaller Dutch variant Videoland were already established.

Amazon Prime Video’s main goal was to gain increased awareness amongst Dutch film/TV fans for their variety of originals and exclusives. On YouTube, this meant increasing brand awareness, content discovery and to grow a loyal fanbase that engages with and actively follows Amazon Prime Video’s YouTube channel. Key metrics were views, watch time, engagements and subscribers.


+331% relative to target


+17.850% relative to target


+22.300% relative to target

“Team5pm’s YouTube expertise offered valuable insights. Their thoughtful ad strategy, unique way of editing and smart distribution has guaranteed us a loyal following on YouTube: with over half a million engagements and over 85,000 loyal Prime Video fans on YouTube.”

Mark Whelan

EU Social Media Video Manager at Amazon Prime Video


We researched the relevant subcultures, to make sure we communicated with them in the right way. By indulging in their culture and speaking their language we would create a loyal fan base consisting of true Prime Video lovers.

During the process of establishing the YouTube channel, we optimized Amazon’s distribution strategy across external websites to drive conversation. The key to success, however, was our tailor-made advertising strategy which focused on distributing organic content and serving them as ads among specific audiences.

These ads weren’t your usual shortened videos or typical commercials. They were long-form specially edited memes run as ads, which led to a tremendous growth in the channel’s popularity. The viewers weren’t used to seeing these kinds of ads, but they absolutely loved it.


We created a stable base of around 300,000 views per day, with peaks of nearly a million.

By speaking the language of the subculture of our target audience, we were able to grow an enormous fanbase. Our custom designed memes were by far our viewers’ favorite content with the number of views going through the roof.  

With the combination of data research, optimized content creation and a well-thought-out advertising strategy as the core accelerator, we achieved the following results:

Results: (july 1, 2020 – march 1, 2021)

  • 86,238 subscribers gained (+331% relative to target)
  • 657.4 million impressions (+20,444% relative to target)
  • 35.9 million views in total (+17,850% relative to target)
  • 2.8 million hours of watch time = (+22,300% relative to target)
  • more than 700,000 engagements




Lisa Knigge l Team5pm

Lisa Knigge

Account Manager

Ronen Wolf


Willem Bartelings

Lead YouTube consultant

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