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Engage your viewer with high-quality content and a spot-on targeting


As a haircare brand you want to be visible when your audience is searching for hair-related questions and tutorials. But what do you do when the field of beauty and haircare is highly saturated with influencers and hobbyists? What content do you create and how do you gain quality attention from Gen Z and Millennials? We worked together on these questions with multinational corporation Unilever for Andrélon: the most-sold haircare brand of the Netherlands. Our goal? Gain quality attention from their target group (18-34 year olds). Besides, the brand wanted to impact brand love. 



in hours



benchmark: 30-40%



benchmark: 1.5%

“Our collab with Team5pm made sure we strongly improved our organic findability and quality attention for the most wanted hair looks”

Juline Nijhout, Sr. Brand Manager Benelux


Ok, so how do you know which topics your audience wants to see? The answer is: data! With audience research, we use signals that audiences leave behind within the Google ecosystem and use it to create the right video topics (and a spot-on targeting). Think of: what keywords they search for, which content they love to watch and the apps they download. For Unilever (Andrélon) we started off with an in-depth video topic research. Based on this analysis, we got insight into which topics interest the viewer the most and thus had the highest potential. Our in-house creative studio used these data insights to produce four long-form hair tutorials and four accompanying short-form videos to skyrocket social activation.  Every month, more than 1.5 billion YouTube users consume the iconic, vertical Shorts of up to 60 seconds. Research shows that 59% of Gen Z watch longer versions of videos, which they discover on video apps where short-form is the norm (YouTube Culture & Trends Report, 2022). YouTube Shorts is thus the perfect feature to attract new audiences and direct them to the longer, organic videos on Andrélon’s YouTube channel. Consequently, the long-form help videos really tapped into the interest of Andrélon’s target group - answering their questions in a style that felt native. Next to that, the whole YouTube channel got a thorough YouTube SEO optimisation. Making sure both the channel, titles and thumbnails are SEO optimised, enables the YouTube algorithm to recommend your content to the right people. 


With a clear YouTube strategy, video production, channel optimisation and distribution strategy (organic and paid) - based on data and research - we made sure Andrélon was gaining quality attention within their target group with the right videos. In fact, the videos were averagely viewed for 51%, against a benchmark of 30-40%!

Two of the four videos ranked in the top 3 within Google and YouTube. Three of the four videos ranked in the top 10 within Google and YouTube.

Within 12 weeks, the videos generated:

  • 14.600 hours of watch time
  • 51% average percentage viewed

    • Benchmark: 30-40%

  • 183.200 high-intent views

  • Organically the videos had an engagement rate of 11,3%

    • Benchmark: 1.5%

The Unilever Andrélon case proves that great targeting and high-quality content is the golden formula to make your viewers stick to your content for a long period of time!

Project owners

  • Lisa Knigge

    Account Director

  • Stef Van Der Burg


  • Daniel Ouwens

    Studio Lead

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