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Shifting from offline to online: this is the power of YouTube advertising


Our TVs play a familiar role in our everyday lives. But times have changed and lineair TV watching has been replaced by on-demand online video streaming. Now that advertising on TV has become increasingly expensive for brands and their younger target group is moving to the online world, it’s harder to get the same impact for the same price. Same counted for Beter Bed, but they’ve decided to take matters into their own hands.  Being a pioneer in its field – the Dutch sleep retailer decided to shift offline TV budgets to the online environment. Their business objective? Building brand preference by creating awareness for their unique independent data driven sleep advice tool ‘Beter Slapen ID’ amongst their target audience



Benchmark: 80-120%



Above benchmark

Together with Team5pm we were able to make a seamless transition from traditional offline advertising to the online world. Based on data research and a strategic media plan, we located orienting, potential Beter Bed customers and targeted them with ads that made a real impact.

Nadieh Cissen, Lead Brand, PR & Content at Beter Bed


Beter Bed is a well-known sleep retailer within the Netherlands/Benelux. In recent years, the brand has taken significant steps in changing their brand positioning: moving from ‘low prices and great deals’ to a more ‘full-service expert and advisory’ role. For instance, Beter Bed recently launched their unique advisory product called ‘Beter Slapen ID’ - an advanced body scan that helps customers choose their perfect mattress. Traditional advertising played a big role in establishing this expert- image. But since TV advertising prices are rising and target groups relocating, Beter Bed decided to engage with YouTube. This included shifting part of their TV budget to YouTube advertising. With this decision, the brand is making themselves a pioneer when it comes to shifting offline to online budgets. Why YouTube? It’s cost-effective and has a quantifiable power - a great platform to reach and measure brand goals with.

In-depth audience research

Data is always the backbone of each of our campaigns. To make sure Beter Bed is seen by the right people at the right time, we started off with in-depth audience research. The main goal of this research was to explore how the target group was behaving within the Google ecosystem. We analysed data from the different entities within this ecosystem, such as the different websites they’ve visited, the apps they’ve downloaded and the queries they were searching for. Based on this, we mapped out three layers within Beter Bed’s target audience. 

Layer #1: In-market and ready for action. 

Layer #2: Orienting in-market - looking to make a purchase.

Layer #3: Beter Bed’s top-funnel ideal target audience with a broad range of interests. The goal here is to enrich and inspire. 

See-Think-Do funnel

These three layers combined with Google’s See-Think-Do funnel were the foundation of our targeting strategy and strategic media plan. The different intent signals that the specific target groups left behind, enabled us to determine their spot within the customer journey. Because let’s be honest, the process of buying a bed, box spring or mattress can take months. Were these subgroups just orienting or ready for action? Based on this online behaviour and the specific place within the See-Think-Do funnel, targeting as well as ad formats and content  - for YouTube and display - were tailored.

Shift from TV to online

To make the transition from offline to online as seamless as possible, we made full use of the endless ad formats YouTube advertising offers for different streaming devices. The main focus was on Connected TV, because the biggest screen in the living room is becoming an extremely popular way of streaming. It’s a great way to build up contact frequency. Offline radio ads were substituted by YouTube audio ads. In this way, we ensured reach in those moments that people prefer to listen instead of watch. The highest click-through-rates are on mobile so to optimise the mobile experience we’ve targeted dedicated vertical assets (Shorts and in-feed). On top of that, we’ve also made use of display ads - using animated HTML5 banners to trigger the most possible action.

Last but not least, we've activated a Google's Search Lift study which analyses organic searches on both Google and YouTube to understand how Beter Bed’s campaign influenced users' search behaviour.


With the integrated use of data research, a spot-on targeting, media plan and clear follow-up studies we generated the following results at the end of 2022 in just 1,5 month: 

  • Tens of thousands of website clicks (+180% above benchmark)
  • Millions of completed views
  • +171% growth in search lift (people searching for Beter Bed after seeing the ad)
    • Benchmark: 80-120%

On top of that, hundreds of people paid a visit to a Beter Bed store! 

Store visits were measured by a geo-split, in which we divided the store locations that were targeted and compared the amount of visits and sales with the locations that weren't targeted. 

The results show that with a limited budget, and the use of various YouTube capabilities, YouTube advertising can make an impact that goes beyond just campaign KPIs.

Project owners

  • Less Goes

    Lead Advertising

  • Frank De Wit

    Co-founder / Managing Director Agency

  • Erik Mus

    Video Marketing Consultant

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