the challenge

bol wanted to identify, reach, and trigger their online target audience for electronics

Being the market leader in e-commerce, bol provides products across various categories, electronics included. Despite their dominance in this market, there’s still room for growth on YouTube. This is particularly true since over 50% of online shoppers utilize videos and YouTube to enhance their informed purchase choices. It’s time for bol to be present in the creator-dominated landscape. After all, greater brand consideration translates to increased sales.

reach the right people, on the right device, with the right content

Bol and team5pm made their mark in the electronics content realm on YouTube with a unique review approach. By utilizing the power of data, we were able to create an ad campaign starring the biggest screen in our living rooms. Striking the perfect balance between information and entertainment, this video series enabled the brand to create a genuine connection with its targeted audience.

taking reviewing to a whole new level: showcasing user reviews combined with humor and not-so-scientific product tests

By producing engaging and entertaining content tailored to the right target audience, the viewers stayed hooked for a very long time!

  • An average watch time of almost 6 minutes

  • 15.000 hours of watch time per episode

  • +31% increase in brand preference among non-customers

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our solution

we created branded entertainment matching the needs of the target group


Developed a strategy which showed what kind of information the customer is looking for and what they like to watch


Utilized this audience data as a foundation and come up with a unique video series that is a mix between information and entertainment


Created a media plan which focuses on gaining as much quality attention as possible

a video strategy making the right people, with the right intent see the right video

In order to achieve that, we started off with data research. This audience research gave input on which products within the electronic domains were searched for the most, what type of content the audience loved to watch, and how they behaved within the Google ecosystem. We combined this insight with an in-depth analysis of the existing review market on YouTube. Data showed huge potential and with this research, we knew exactly which video topics we had to create.

Google ecosystem blog

the perfect mix between entertainment and help content: sterren reviews

In general, review formats are labelled as factual and informative – with less room for creativity. Our in-house creatives wanted to challenge this. The first thing people do when looking at an e-commerce platform is scan the reviews given by real people. This is exactly what the power of bol is. Being the biggest archive of real-life user experiences, we chose to create a category-like review format based on real opinions: Sterren Reviews.

being the biggest archive of real-life user experiences, we gave them a voice with a branded entertainment format

Taking the review game to a whole new level, the series uses the iconic user reviews and combines this with a good amount of humour and not-so-scientific product tests. We’ve added a relaxed atmosphere and relatable hosts who give the viewer a perfect overview of every product and category. The meme-like video edits magnified this. To make sure the content maximizes performance, we pretested the videos and thumbnails among an unaware test audience using AI technology. This way, we could make creative tweaks before the content went live.

a media plan focussing on gaining as much quality attention as possible

By targeting entertaining and captivating content to a target audience with extremely high interest (thanks to our data research) the viewers kept on watching for a very long time! Custom audiences were created based on real-life intent-based data. Only the people who showed an interest in buying specific electronics were targeted. With a budget of 48K, we’ve distributed 12 Sterren Reviews with skippable in-stream ads. This resulted in huge amounts of view rates, viewing durations, and average percentages being watched.

the results

spot-on targeting and entertaining content got us the right attention

All of this – possible through data research. Within Q4 of 2022, 12 episodes gathered over 1.9 million views, with even top rankings for some episodes. On average, viewers watched 5 minutes and 35 seconds each episode, accounting for an impressive 52% of the review’s entirety. Yes, you’ve read that correctly – this number includes viewers of the ads as well.

Average views


Benchmark: 43%

Watch time per episode


Watch time in hours

Average % viewed


Benchmark: 30 – 40%

The impact of YouTube goes beyond views, watch time or subscribers. To measure the impact on brand KPIs, a brand effect research among viewers and non-viewers showed an overall brand consideration increase of 6% and brand preference by 14%. The results among non-customers were even higher. Brand consideration by 16%, and a whopping 31% in brand preference. The data doesn’t lie.

Isaac Diepenhorst, Lead Social & Content at bol

‘i’m proud of our collaboration with team5pm. together, we’ve created the entertaining series sterren reviews that tapped into bol’s power: being the voice of the many. with great results as proof, we’ve established the online consideration of bol as the place-to-be for electronics.’

what we make

As a data-driven content group, we put your target group on #1 and create effective content that builds strong brands.


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