Targeting a niche audience with the legal help they were looking for


BrandMR is a two year old legal advice company. Their main goal was therefore to increase brand awareness and compete with longer existing law firms. YouTube would play an important role in achieving this. On average, people get into a legal dispute every seven years. This means that every year hundreds of thousands of people are looking for relevant information and help. BrandMR wanted to be that source of information and help.



Lower than the original target



Higher than the initial target



Initial target: 50%


Based on data, we mapped out the most searched questions on YouTube and Google regarding legal help. Based on this Video Topic Research, our in-house Creative Studio produced informative explainer videos. This was all done in close collaboration with BrandMR and its legal experts. We used insights on the target audience to serve anyone searching a certain question with the right video answering it. The results show that BrandMR reached their niche target audience with YouTube-optimised video content..

“Our goal is to make law accessible for everyone. This may seem obvious, but in our view this is is not yet the case. Together with Team5pm, we made our goal come to life with video content. Through joint intensive research, we have developed videos in a short time. This video content increases knowledge among the target group and beyond.”
Mitchell Tjong, Online Marketeer at BrandMR


By serving the right YouTube Ads among the right target audience we generated:

  • A CPV of -50% lower than the initial target
  • A view rate +50% higher than initial target
  • A viewer’s retention of +63%
    • The intial target was 50%

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Project owners

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    Account Director

  • Ronen Wolf

    Co-Founder / Commercial Lead

  • Stef Van Der Burg


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