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Canon, sponsor of the TV program ‘The Perfect Picture’ was looking for ways to stay relevant, even after their TV-sponsorship had ended. To reach this goal Canon teamed up with us to develop a well-thought-out, always-on strategy with which Canon would claim the domain ‘photography for beginners’ on YouTube




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We conducted a data-driven video topic research to determine which topics would best reach and help this target audience. This research involved examining competing channels and videos and mapping out the most popular topics on  YouTube. 

As a result, we knew exactly what our target audience wanted to see, and what kinds of videos were vital for our campaign. Instead of building a new channel from the ground up, we saw an opportunity to uniquely distribute the content within the European channel. We selected photography related how-to’s that supported the television program throughout the year and guided the process of content creation step-by-step. On top of that, we fully optimized the how-to videos and used the YouTube algorithm to its fullest by making smart use of the momentum of the TV program. 

This is not only a winning situation for the brand: also the broadcasters and producers profit from this strategy. It’s a win-win-win situation. Canon has more value from their TV-sponsorship year-round, the broadcaster has a richer sponsor proposition and the production company creates extra online content. 


Our data-driven approach to research, content creation support, and distribution led to the following results:

  • All videos rank number 1 in Google and YouTube search.
  • Canon realized a total of almost 50,000 organic views
  • An average view duration of 2:24 minutes
  • An average CTR of 5.1%
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Frank de Wit Portrait
Frank de Wit

Managing Director Creative Studio

Ronen Wolf


Merel van Eijk Portrait
Merel van Eijk

Lead YouTube consultant

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