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The success of the Telegraaf’s YouTube Channel


De Telegraaf, was looking for ways to reach the millennial audience through YouTube. To reach this goal De Telegraaf teamed up with YouTube Agency Team5pm to develop a long-term strategy. This would focus on making De Telegraaf the number one news brand on YouTube for millennials and transforming De Telegraaf’s YouTube channel into a full-fledged marketing machine.




In the 2017/2019 period



In the 2017/2019 period



In the 2017/2019 period


The strategy was divided into three phases.

Phase 1

In the first phase de Telegraaf’s main goal was to generate more exposure by a smarter use of their existing content on YouTube. We did this by developing an optimization strategy and making a clear content selection of trending and relevant topics. We boosted the reach without making extra costs and maximizing ad revenue. On top of that the editorial department was given a YouTube training.


  • Over 240 million views
  • 470% percent Increase in ad revenue.

Phase 2

In the second phase, the goal was to create a loyal fan base among a millennial audience and convert them to De Telegraaf’s owned platforms. That’s why we created original YouTube content on relevant news subjects and selected a team of young presenters.

We maximized the use of YouTube features to convert the audience to On top of that we became YouTube sales partner to achieve higher fill rates and increased CPMs.


  • The audience consisted for 67% of people below the age of 35 and these viewers accounted for 230,000,000 views.
  • The original YouTube content performed better on, impressions, views, watch time and subscribers.
  • The revenue tripled.

Phase 3

De Telegraaf’s goal for the third phase is to convert an actively engaged YouTube audience into dedicated newsletter readers. We developed a strategy how YouTube can act as a top-of-the-funnel attribution platform to connect with younger audiences and eventually turn them into valuable digital subscribers. This phase is still in progress, but we are happy to share that we got a fund from google news initiative to develop this even further.


From gaining reach, increasing brand awareness among millenials, gathering soft leads with YouTube to an enormous growth in ad revenue. De Telegraaf discovered and proved all the market opportunities YouTube can have for your brand.

  • a total of over 600 million views
  • more than 27 million hours of Watch time
  • and a 1,700 percent growth in ad Revenue

Project owners

  • Jelmer Wind

    Co-Founder / CEO

  • Stef Van Der Burg


  • Luuk De Haardt

    Digital Marketing Manager

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