How GAMMA dominates YouTube and Google search results


GAMMA was looking for new ways to reach in-market target groups with video content. Their goal was to claim relevant domains within the home DIY-market on YouTube, such as insulation and gardening. In doing so, they aimed to become market leader on YouTube and make home DIY-projects more accessible and fun. This resulted into the main KPIs being YouTube rankings, share of views, total views and watch time.



+112% relative to target



+193% relative to target



Of all videos ranked in the top 3 in YouTube and Google

“Thanks to the strategy and expertise of 5PM, we have claimed the entire insulation and gardening domain on YouTube and Google. Through this data-driven approach, we have grown in watch time, top rankings and views and have become the YouTube channel where you can find everything about home DIY projects.”

Laurens Miedema, Manager Marketing & Communication GAMMA


GAMMA teamed up with us to develop a YouTube strategy with a series of how-to videos that would answer the most-searched questions regarding home DIY projects in the Netherlands. Our strategy was straightforward: conduct data-driven research to know exactly which videos had to be produced. Within this research we focused on GAMMA’s target audience that consisted of people in the Netherlands, between the ages of 18 and 45, who actively search for home DIY-projects on YouTube and Google.

To know which topics had the greatest potential for reaching and helping this target audience, we developed a data driven video topic research. With this research we analyzed the competing channels and videos and mapped out the most-searched topics on YouTube. Therefore, we knew exactly what our target audience really wanted to see and what videos we had to create to play an important role in their consideration phase. On top of that, we analyzed hundreds of successful how-to videos, nationally and worldwide, to develop a blueprint for the perfect how-to.

This way our videos retained our viewers’ full attention, and therefore we maximized watch time. We used the data driven research to create a smart advertising strategy containing Discovery Ads. By using the videos as discovery ads, the videos appear at the targeted audience’s ‘recommended content’ instead of as pre-rolls. When the content interests these custom targeted viewers, they intrinsically click on the ads themselves. This intent-based YouTube advertising strategy amplified our organic reach. In doing so, we also reached the people that had been searching for home DIY related topics, but initially didn’t watch the GAMMA videos.

As the main objective being that GAMMA would claim the home DIY-market on YouTube, we focused on YouTube rankings, the share of views, total views and watch time as the main KPIs. We achieved these by using the YouTube-algorithm to its fullest: with optimized video SEO, dedicated landing pages, social media distribution and intent-based discovery ads.


With our data-driven approach to research, content production and distribution, we achieved the following results:

(Feb 1, 2020 – Jan 31, 2021)

  • 91% of all videos ranked in the top 3 in YouTube and Google
  • a SoV of 46.7% and 32% within important domains
  • 1,058,220 views in total (+112% relative to target)
  • 44,000 hours of watch time (+193% relative to target)

Project owners

  • Stef Van Der Burg


  • Tom Schoufs

    Co-Founder / Strategy & Concept Lead

  • Frank De Wit

    Co-founder / Managing Director Agency

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