Data-driven consultancy for L’OR on YouTube


L’OR wanted to shift their brand focus and needed to tell different stories to reach that goal. The main question was: what type of videos and stories are required for which audience? To answer these questions we focused on intent-based content research and consumer behavior analysis.


For the best recommendations, we’ve collected insights from six different insight categories. Client, platform, content, advertising, competitors, and not to forget the most important one: the audience. We strongly believe in the power of really knowing your audience. Why? Because ads that are based on intent signals prove to be more effective than ads based on demographic signals.

That is why we conducted an extensive intent-based content research and audience behavior analysis within the Spanish and UK market, which laid the foundation for our consultancy regarding the content and advertising strategy. To map out the most important categories and content within the domain on YouTube which was relevant for L’OR, we’ve analyzed thousands of YouTube-channels and videos.

Our analysis went beyond the coffee content on YouTube. We’ve examined all different topics and themes stated in the Bull’s Eye of L’OR like French Gastronomy, Food, Wine and Whiskey. With this strategy L’OR is capable of using the organic learnings (trends, topics, themes within these content) on YouTube to apply in a paid media strategy.


As a result of our intent-based content research and behavior analysis, we supplied L’OR with the right insights and offered them consultancy to take the next steps regarding their paid advertising strategy.

Project owners

  • Less Goes

    Lead Advertising


  • Ronen Wolf

    Co-Founder / Commercial Lead


  • Sander Beukhof



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