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Dutch provider KPN claims the Fiber internet domain on YouTube using data. 6 optimised how-to videos, answering frequently asked questions about Fiber internet, ranked in the top 3 on both YouTube and Google!


As a leading provider of telecommunication and IT in the Netherlands, KPN was looking for new ways of reaching consumers with video content. In 2021, KPN was awarded with the title of ‘best Fiber Internet provider of the Netherlands’. They wanted to extend this leadership to the online environment. Their goal? Claim the Fiber Internet domain on YouTube. In doing so, they aimed to become market leader on the popular video platform and help the orientating and existing Dutch consumer (25-55 years old) with tailor-made Fiber Internet advice.




In hours (target: 10.000 hours)


1% to




For 6 videos on selected keywords

Data-driven research

During the research phase, we utilized the whole Google Ecosystem. With this, we mapped out the whole Fiber Internet domain on YouTube and Google. What questions and challenges are people looking for regarding Fiber Internet? And what are competitors doing?

By combining data-driven insights, trends and best practices with effective content creation, we would create a spot-on YouTube distribution strategy with minimal waste.


Team5pm’s strategy consisted of 3 stages: Team5pm’s strategy consisted of 3 stages: data-driven target group research, strategic and creative content creation and clever distribution. This research formed the basis which guided the content creation and distribution phase.

“We wanted to help both new and existing customers with video content on YouTube around Fiber Internet. Team5pm’s in-depth YouTube expertise helped us to gain valuable insights on our target audience’s needs to create the right content accordingly. This combined with their help on distribution, made us achieve our goal: claim the Fiber Internet domain within YouTube. The 6 data-driven how-to videos captivated the audience, with great results to prove it.”

Ramon de Boer, Senior Media Manager Digital KPN

YouTube content creation

Our data research showed that loads of people are looking for information regarding Fiber  Internet on a daily basis. And that’s where we saw a chance for KPN! Our in-house creative studio translated the data-driven insights into a clear blueprint for the perfect how-to. The result? 6 YouTube-optimized how-to videos that answered the most searched questions regarding Fiber Internet. These were clear long-form videos with a reoccurring, relatable character that explained everything step by step. This seamless translation of data insights into branded content creation, ensured that our videos retained our viewers’ full attention, and therefore we maximized watch time.


For distribution, we made sure that all published videos were 100% SEO optimized including custom thumbnails, titles, descriptions, tags and playlists. Within the first 48 hours after publication, KPN’s social media channels actively promoted the videos and playlists. Each video was embedded in its own dedicated fully optimized landing page, developed on

Being the best answer our target audience was looking for, we ensured top rankings in both YouTube and Google. With a video search result, KPN even ranked higher than one of their main competitors (Ziggo) in Google!

This organic reach was then amplified with an intent-based YouTube Advertising strategy. Once again, our data-driven research formed the base. Out of the researched ‘Fiber Internet’ domain on Google Search, customized in-market audiences were created and targeted with TrueView In-Stream Ads. In this way, those people that truly showed interest were targeted with the help they needed. This minimized waste, and maximized the effectiveness of the campaign.


With the combination of data research, optimized content creation and a well-thought-out advertising strategy as the core accelerator, KPN and Team5pm ranked with all six videos in the top 3 in YouTube and Google on relevant, selected keywords. KPN’s average growth in market share within the ‘Fiber Internet’ domain on YouTube accelerated from 1% to 45%. On top of that, they captivated their audience for hours with a watch time that was +128% above target.

Project owners

  • Lisa Knigge

    Account Director

  • Less Goes

    Lead Advertising

  • Frank De Wit

    Co-founder / Managing Director Agency

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