KPN wins over hearts of gaming youngsters with the biggest gaming-channel in the Netherlands: Legends of Gaming. Iconic influencers and the coolest content.


As a leading provider of telecommunication and IT in the Netherlands, KPN was looking for new ways to reach Gen Zs and Millennials (ages 15-25 years) with video content. Instead of local competitors, who often mass broadcast their commercial message, KPN wanted to do something different: create branded YouTube gaming content.

Did you know that 8 in 10 Gen Z’ers and Millennials are gamers? Among Gen Z’s, YouTuber PewDiePie is better known and loved than Elon Musk and in 2020, the global game industry brought in more money than the music and film industries combined. For Gen Z’s and Millennials gaming is just as big a part of their lives as music or sports. Yet, this target audience is extremely critical. They won’t hesitate to pierce right through your commercial message. So if you want to create gaming content, you’ve got to do it right.

So how do you then create the right gaming content, that entertains but at the same time informes this difficult-to-grasp audience about the rather ‘informative’ USPs of KPN’s products? And how do you do this during a time of a pandemic and accompanying (production) restrictions? Quite a challenge, indeed. Therefore, you need to let a real gamer do the talking. Who needs to be on your team? Gamers! And who needs to be part of all phases of your strategic production process? Gamers!

That’s why KPN started working with YouTube Agency Team5pm.

KPN Legends of Gaming KPN Ultimate Speedtest



100% organically



In hours




As a firm believer in the power of YouTube, we fully focussed on this popular video platform as the main driver for this campaign. Our young and creative team of gaming strategists put together a creative idea consisting of a fun-gaming tournament, three side-series and four custom-branded formats that would highlight KPN’s rather informative propositions in an entertaining way and spark brand love. This gaming season formed the base. A casual gaming tournament with eight famous gaming influencers in the Dutch YouTube landscape. They would compete against each other in popular games significant to the target audience. The videos were published three times a week.

Due to the global lockdown, no fancy studio production was possible. The creative solution? A YouTube-optimized production fully from home, with 8 different gaming Point-of-Views that were interchanged and nailed together through creative editing. The 16 different video streams and audiolayers, required for creative edit skills.

On top of that, custom branded formats were created such as.

1. KPN Ultimate Speedtest

A four-part series, where famous gamers complete game-overarching challenges that highlight the features of KPN’s XGPU-deal: a gigantic library with AAA games, which are instantly streamable from anywhere in the world thanks to Cloud Gaming.

2. KPN Next Level Game Room

A makeover format that showcases KPN’s Fiber Internet. Famous gaming-influencer ‘Morrog’ upgrades rooms from LOG fans into game rooms with KPN’s Fiber Internet.
This was all done with KPN as the branded force behind it. By contributing to the gaming community with strong and original branded content, Team5pm believes that people will listen when you try to convey your brand messages. And they did: with endless hours of watch time as a result.

“Team5pm’s team of strategic creatives consists of true gaming experts. They’ve translated their years of gaming experience into building the biggest YouTube gaming channel in the Netherlands. Together with them, we keep on winning over the hearts of the Gen Z’s and Millennials through unique branded entertainment.”
Ramon de Boer, Senior Media Manager Digital KPN


The result? A seamless and spot-on brand integration. With the combination of strategic content creation and a well-thought-out distribution strategy, KPN and Team5pm achieved the following results:

  • 18.600.000 million views
  • 11.700.000 views on YouTube
  • 17.600 subscribers
  • 599.500 engagements (likes and comments)
  • 1.700.000 hours of watch time

Note, that these results are 100% organically achieved. Zero (!) euros on advertising were spent.

Brand effect measurement

Finally, we conducted a brand effect measurement among viewers and non-viewers to measure the videos’ impact on the brand KPIs of KPN. The result? The brand effect measurement shows that YouTube has a significant positive impact on KPN.

We distinguished between brand users and non-brand users in this research, because users of KPN (in this case gamers who already have an internet home subscription with KPN) are more likely to give positive brand associations than non-users of KPN.


  • Among users: YouTube stimulates word-of-mouth.

Gamers with a KPN home internet subscription who watch Legends of Gaming videos score significantly higher on brand ambassadorship and Net Promoter Score.

➤ Ambassadorship +25% point (+152%)

  • Among non-users: YouTube drives sales.

Gamers without a KPN home internet subscription who watch Legends of Gaming videos score significantly higher on brand preference, purchase intention, ambassadorship and Net Promoter Score.

➤ Brand Preference +7% point (+172%)

➤ Purchase intent +7% point (+148%)

➤ Ambassadorship +13% point (+171%)

Project owners

  • Niels Lodeweges

    Content Creative

  • Sander Beukhof


  • Sam Dibbets

    Content Creative

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