KPN Ultimate Speedtest

Winning over Gen Zs and Millennials with original branded formats


KPN, a leading Dutch provider of telecommunication and IT, wanted to reach Dutch game fanatics (ages 15-25 years) to showcase their collaboration with Microsoft regarding the “Xbox Game Pass Ultimate” (XGPU). This deal entails that from now on, you can get an XGPU as an extension of your KPN subscription. Their goal? Use YouTube to promote and show the perks of the XGPU amongst the challenging audience of Gen Zs and Millennials. This became YouTube Agency Team5pm’s central target group.

KPN Legends of Gaming KPN Ultimate Speedtest



100% organically



+260% over target




But how can you reach this challenging target audience? Through their love of gaming! Yet be aware: a true gaming viewer is critical, ruthless and won’t hesitate to pierce right through your commercial message. So how do you then integrate the rather ‘informative’ USPs of this product in an entertaining format that appeals to a difficult-to-grasp audience? Quite a challenge, indeed. Therefore, you need to let a real gamer do the talking. Who needs to be on your team? Gamers! And who needs to be part of all phases of your strategic production process? Gamers!

That’s why KPN started working with YouTube Agency Team5pm. Their young and creative team of gaming strategists put together a gaming format that informs the target audience about all the perks the XGPU has to offer. In a non-intrusive and entertaining way. By contributing to the gaming community with strong and original content, Team5pm believes that people will listen when you try to convey your brand messages. As a result, the format “KPN Ultimate Speedtest” was born.

This unique and specially created gaming format highlights:

1) The high number and variety of available games in the massive XGPU-catalog (with an average of 9 games per episode)

2) The extremely fast speed of streaming: these games can be played instantly

3) And that playing the XGPU-catalog, is not bound to a time and place: it can be played anywhere, anytime

So how did Team5pm do this exactly? The YouTube Agency has created a four-part series, where host ‘Raoul’ dares three famous gamers to complete game challenges as quickly as possible. Note, that these needed to be completed within different games. These game-overarching challenges were often as simple as “walk through a door in three different games” or “make a headshot in three different games”. Easy peasy, you might think? Well, it requires strategic choices and all-round gaming knowledge. These rather ‘simple-looking’ challenges were the perfect way to show all that the XGPU-deal had to offer:

“Team5pm’s team of strategic creatives consists of true gaming experts. They’ve translated their years of gaming experience into a unique branded video format. Because of this, we’ve won over the hearts of the Gen Z’s and Millennials. A critical audience that easily sees right through your commercial message. Everyone loved our format “KPN Ultimate Speedtest”. With over 3.6 million viewing minutes, more than 450.000 views and an average watch time of 9:00 minutes (all 100% organically achieved) as the undeniable proof. A result that we’re extremely proud of.”
Robbert Uges, Senior Marketing Communications Manager KPN

With these challenges, speed was of the essence. This highlighted the cloud streaming feature as slow downloading and lingering installation ques were a no-go. The gamers used this feature to stream the different games instantly and extremely fast.


On top of that, the gamers had to constantly switch between different games to complete their challenge. In this way, the extensive XGPU library with over a 100 games was showcased. It was up to the gamers to pick the right games from the massive XGPU catalog. Therefore, scrolling through and showcasing the library became a big part of the format.


Another important feature to highlight was that the XGPU-catalog can be streamed from any location. Even though all episodes were filmed in the same studio, Team5pm came up with a funny but clever way to show the viewer the possibility to use the XGPU from anywhere in the world: the ‘Black-Box-Studio’. This ‘Black-Box-Studio’ was edited within a specific environment each episode: varying from a jungle to a white-sand beach. While the host, dressed in an outfit that matched the location, explicitly mentioned the possibility to use cloud gaming from anywhere in the world using the XGPU. In this way, KPN didn’t only mention that you could stream the XGPU from anywhere in the world, they showcased it in a creative way.

All by all, the KPN Ultimate Speedtest highlights the most important aspects of the XGPU: a gigantic library with AAA games, which are instantly streamable from anywhere in the world thanks to Cloud Gaming. With this creative format, KPN showcases these perks perfectly and informs the audience in an entertaining way. And that’s how you master the art of successful branded gaming video content.


For distribution, Team5pm purposely chose to utilize the Legends of Gaming (LOG) YouTube channel. With over 160 million views and 540 thousand subscribers LOG has become an indispensable part of the current Dutch YouTube (gaming) landscape. In our opinion, the perfect distribution platform to reach KPN’s target audience. On top of the four videos on the LOG YouTube channel, Team5pm also produced an explainer video for KPN’s own YouTube channel. In this video, Raoul (the host of the Ultimate Speedtest) explains how the XGPU works and how to acquire this at KPN. A reference to this explainer is made multiple times throughout LOG’s entire season. Besides this, the KPN Ultimate Speedtest series was extensively pushed on all LOG’s and the gamer’s social channels (Instagram, TikTok and YouTube Community).

This unique gaming format reaches and captures a challenging target audience through branded video content. Branded video content that people love to watch. 60.000 hours to be precise


To determine the effect of the Ultimate Speedtest YouTube videos on brand KPIs of KPN such as brand consideration, brand preference, purchase intention and ambassadorship, Team5pm Labs conducted a brand effect measurement. The brand KPIs Team5pm measured were related to a KPN home internet subscription. The measurement was conducted by Team5pm Labs in close collaboration with Erik Kostelijk, Associate Professor marketing at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science.


The result? A seamless and spot-on brand integration. With the combination of strategic content creation and a well-thought-out distribution strategy, KPN and Team5pm achieved the following results:

The four videos in total realized (Oct 12, 2021 – Feb 22, 2022):

  • More than 450.000 views (+50% over target)
  • Over 3.6 million viewing minutes (+260% over target)
  • An average retention of 54% (+35% over target)
  • Average watch time of 9:00 minutes
  • More than 25.000 likes
    • Likes vs. Dislikes rate: 99.3% vs. 0.7%
  • Over 338 comments
  • Among non-users, YouTube drives sales
    • Gamers without a KPN home internet subscription who watch Ultimate Speedtest videos score significantly higher on consideration, brand preference, purchase intention and ambassadorship.
  • Among users, YouTube stimulates word-of-mouth.
    • Gamers with a KPN home internet subscription who watch Ultimate Speedtest videos score significantly higher on brand ambassadorship and Net Promoter Score.

Project owners

  • Lisa Knigge

    Account Director

  • Niels Lodeweges

    Content Creative

  • Frank De Wit

    Co-founder / Managing Director Agency

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