How KPN claims the domain ‘WiFi’ on YouTube


The fact that WiFi is now an integral part of Dutch households is nothing new. But the importance of and need for a stable, reliable connection everywhere at home is greater than ever. This is partly due to developments such as an increase in the use of smart devices. More and more people are working from home since Covid and the popularity of gaming and streaming continues to grow. That’s why KPN offers every customer super-quality WiFi at all times and everywhere in the house so that we are not restricted in doing what are we like doing. KPN does this by providing tailor-made WiFi advice, among other things using the updated ‘KPN WiFi Manager’. KPN came to us with the question of how they could optimally use YouTube to give consumers customized WiFi advice. Their goal? To claim the WiFi domain on YouTube!

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For 6 videos on selected keywords


KPN partnered with us to develop a YouTube strategy with a series of how-to videos answering the most searched questions about WiFi in the Netherlands.

Using our data-driven video topic research, we knew exactly which topics had the greatest potency to reach and help the target audience. With this research, we analyzed the competing channels and videos and mapped out the most searched topics on YouTube. By doing this, we knew exactly what our target audience wanted to watch, which videos we needed to create to play an important role in the consideration phase and ultimately generate thousands of hours of quality attention (watch time)!

To boost organic reach, we leveraged our data-driven research for a smart advertising strategy. With a combination of a skippable in-stream campaign and in-feed ads, we also reached the people who were searching for WiFi-related topics but didn’t initially click on the KPN videos.


With our data-driven approach to research, production and distribution, we achieved the following results:
(October 5 – November 28)

  • From 3 to 30% growth in market share
  • Top 3 rankings for all 6 videos on selected keywords
  • 12,800 hours of watch time

Project owners

  • Sander Beukhof


  • Lisa Knigge

    Account Director

  • Frank De Wit

    Co-founder / Managing Director Agency

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