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This is how Oot Granola uses YouTube advertising to generate sales. A significant growth in subscriptions through the use of data-driven insights!


Last year, Oot Granola, a Dutch brand which sells subscription-based ‘breakfast-in-your-mailbox’, experienced a tremendous growth in the Netherlands. That’s why they began the new year searching for innovative ways of enriching their current marketing mix. 2022 was going to be the year of performance for Oot. Their goal? Use YouTube Advertising to generate sales.

CPO’s on platforms like Facebook were increasing significantly and conversions were staggering. That’s why Oot chose YouTube as the key player in their 2022 marketing mix to drive performance. A rather challenging goal. Because YouTube is known as a platform where patience and a long-term vision is needed for durable results. Note that, getting a subscription which ties you to a certain product for a longer period of time is not something people do everyday. It’s quite a big step, for your usual YouTube viewer. A challenge? For sure! But YouTube Agency Team5pm likes to prove the difference.

“Team5pm’s in-depth YouTube expertise helped us to gain the valuable, data-driven insights that we’d been looking for. Their team of strategists translated these into a spot-on performance-based YouTube advertising strategy. With more quantitative and qualitative traffic to our website and a significant growth in both subscriptions as well as first-time orders as a result. Together we’ve proven the non-believers wrong: when done right, YouTube can definitely be utilized as a performance platform that goes beyond clicks, and drives actual conversions.”

Frank Zwaan, Head of Growth | Oot Granola


Team5pm’s strategy consisted of 3 stages: data-driven target group research, strategic and creative content creation and campaign management. By combining data-driven insights, trends and best practices with effective content creation, we would create a spot-on performance-based YouTube advertising strategy.

1. Data-driven target group research

The first stage was all about getting to know our target audience. How are they behaving within the Google Ecosystem? Think of: what websites they’re visiting and what apps they’re using. And also what key words they’re searching for and what content they love to watch. We then translated these data-driven insights into a clear targeting strategy. A strategy that maximizes the chance of reaching those people, who are genuinely interested in Oot’s content. And because of this, it minimizes waste.

2. Effective content creation

The second stage started with taking a closer look at the content. The YouTube Agency had collaborated with Oot before, in 2021. At first, Oot wanted to use these existing videos for their performance case. Obvious choice right? Well, Team5pm decided differently! The reasoning behind this decision? Their data-driven insights. They pointed out that there were different subgroups that existed. Subgroups that would not be swept away enough, with the existing video material. That’s why Team5pm decided to make clever content adjustments based on the trends they’ve spotted.

3. Campaign setup and management

The last phase was all about choosing the right setup for the campaign, and making sure it runs smoothly. By acting quickly and leveraging the power of the YouTube algorithm, Team5pm’s data-driven targeting research came together even better. And it produced some impressive results. The algorithm found all subgroups, and they showed a CPC and CPO lower than the initial objective!


With the combination of data research, optimized content creation and a well-thought-out advertising strategy as the core accelerator, Oot Granola and Team5pm achieved more quantitative and qualitative traffic to their website. And a significant growth in subscriptions. And that with a total campaign period of just one month (1st of January, 2022 – 31st of January, 2022). So what’s the main takeaway? YouTube can definitely be used as a successful performance platform! When done right, it can indeed generate sales. For Oot, it took the golden formula of combining data-driven insights, trends and best practices with effective content creation to do the (challenging) trick!

Project owners

  • Less Goes

    Lead Advertising


  • Tom Schoufs

    Co-Founder / Strategy & Concept Lead


  • Frank De Wit

    Co-founder / Managing Director Agency


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