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How simple YouTube-optimised shows turned out to be simply perfect. Prime Videos' De Knop, Rico Routine and Koken met Roelie achieved crazy results!


Two years ago, we started building the Dutch YouTube Channel of Prime Video from the ground up. Right now, the channel is a full-fledged YouTube success which serves a young, geeky but cool target group (18-34 years old) with creative video content. A Dutch audience, with a great interest in YouTube culture and video content in general. Prime Video’s goal was to keep on creating successful branded entertainment formats that reach, engage and turn viewers into loyal fans. On top of that, Prime Video wanted to promote their extensive catalog, such as the new documentary series ‘Rico Dream Big’.

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Our strategy was to produce creative YouTube-optimized formats that would showcase Prime Video’s extensive library in an entertaining way, therefore truly embodying the role of a creator. The result? Three branded formats: De Knop, Rico Routine en Koken met Roelie.

At Team5pm we use data as the backbone of every campaign. Based on data, we specifically selected the right influencers and relevant topics for the videos. The aim was to establish qualitative attention, therefore generating watch time was the main focus. Our in-house Creative Studio (consisting of Content Creatives, Producers and Editors) translated this into creative branded format ideas with carefully selected influencers that fit perfectly to the target audience of Prime Video. These were distributed organically on YouTube, along with accompanying social assets.

The organic reach was then amplified with a pull-strategy, instead of traditional push advertising which forces the message onto the consumer. We used True-View Discovery Ads or ‘In-feed Ads’. Only those people, who are genuinely interested click on it from an intrinsic motive. This ensures huge view through and subscriber rates. Combined with a targeting that made smart use of media: we so-called ‘Audience Listed’ the channels of the creators we collaborated with. Why? The fan base of these creator’s channels match the content and recognise the characters in it. This makes up for high-quality targeting, with minimal waste.

1. De Knop | De Bankzitters


So what is the format ‘De Knop’ about? A group of five popular gaming influencers,’De Bankzitters’, sit in a studio. The big blue button in the middle controls the outcome of the show and the items discussed in it. Product Awareness was sparked by actively implementing Prime Video’s series and movies in the challenges that would come up by pushing the button.  The format is tailor-made around content that matches the influencers, while at the same time creating a platform which promotes relevant Prime Video exclusives. In total eight episodes were produced, and currently a new season is being published.


Watch time and community building were our main focus. That’s why our in-house creatives came up with the creative concept of ‘De Knop’. Starring ‘De Bankzitters’, a perfect match with target audience of Prime Video’s channel. This combined with the speed and style of the format plus the creative meme-based editing activated the right brand image Prime Video was aiming for.

To generate social impact, the audience was activated by asking them to give suggestions to the soundboard as well as with giveaways and active community management.

We then amplified the organic reach with a pull-strategy, consisting of True-View Discovery Ads or ‘In-feed Ads’. This way, Prime Video offers the right audience the branded entertainment they didn’t know they needed.


Results throughout the first months of 2022:
➤ 2,000,000 views (more than any other hub format published on the Dutch Prime Video channel yet)
➤ The channel welcomed over 5300 Dutch subscribers during the run time of the shows.

2. Rico Routine | Rico Verhoeven, Touzani en Los Barranderos


The new documentary series of Rico Verhoeven (RICO DREAM BIG) went live on the platform of Prime Video in March 2022. That’s why Prime Video teamed up with us to make sure that everyone in The Netherlands (and especially the fans of Rico Verhoeven) knew that the series was coming. It was up to us to find the fans of Rico on YouTube and target them with the right content that they would love instantly. So what is the format about? Soufiane Touzani, together with his friends from Los Barrenderos have to try to keep up with the daily routine of Rico for 24 hours. This routine includes waking up early, training on kickbox techniques, eating a lot of proteins, surviving an ice cold ice bath for a couple of minutes, working out again, doing yoga, acting classes etc. A killer routine: the Rico Routine.

While doing it, Rico kept an eye on the boys. And Soufiane Touzani acted like a mental coach for Los Barrenderos because of his ankle injury.

It was up to mental coach Soufiane Touzani to show that the killer routine of Rico is not only physical, it is mostly a mental game. Rico and Touzani are telling and showing the audience what the most important part is to achieve the dreams that you may have. Thereby, focusing on the meaningful story arch.

The idea of the concept is to generate even more respect for Rico Verhoeven. And while doing this, we sparked the curiosity of what goes on in the life of Rico outside of the boxing ring. Hence, why people would want to see the docu series on Prime Video.


We started by looking into the data and discovered that people who are interested in Rico Verhoeven also had an interest in Soufiane Touzani. And since Touzani is a leading Dutch talent in street soccer, this was a great fit. So that’s why we chose this influencer to let people (18-44 year old sport fans and more) know that the docu series of Rico was a must-see.

Our main task was divided in 3 sub-goals:

  1. Awareness: to establish the show with a creative that drives anticipation and intrigue, setting the show up as a must-watch for the Dutch audience.
  2. Perception: to position RICO DREAM BIG as a series with a meaningful story, about the life of Rico. Not only about his punching and kicking.
  3. Brand Linkage: to make a name for Prime Video as the home of high-quality Dutch productions and talent.

Our angle was to make the collaboration as native as possible. So no ads or little mentions about the Rico series in his own content. Instead, the Rico storyline would start on Touzani’s own channel (the first episode) and would end on Prime Video’s YouTube channel (the second video).

An uncommon set-up? Indeed. But for us, it was the perfect plan to make sure that the enormous fan base of Touzani is not only aware (awareness) that the series is live, but also migrate these fans from the Touzani TV channel to the Prime Video channel.

Next up was the creative strategy. Starting with a strong insight. We looked at the data again to see which sports content is/was popular on YouTube. The Mark Wahlberg Challenge appeared. In this challenge it was up to the creator to try to live as Mark Wahlberg for a day or a week. The actor has a bizarre daily schedule: full of sport activities.

Our strategy was to create the Dutch variant, with Rico. This way we could show the world how tough it is to become and be Rico Verhoeven. This was the ‘more meaningful angle’ we were looking for (perception).

We used both Touzani’s channel and the Prime Video channel to migrate the huge following to the Prime Video YouTube channel. This type of build up is a first in The Netherlands. The unique construction of telling a story on two different channels (creator and brand) worked perfectly for us and the goals we wanted to achieve. We amplified our organic reach with a YouTube Advertising pull-strategy.

For targeting, we like to ‘audience list’ the channel of the creators we collaborate with. Again, we saw that a lot of people who have an interest in Rico Verhoeven also like Soufiane Touzani. By audience listing Touzani TV we gave ourselves the opportunity to reach the perfect audience. This double-stimulated the viewers to navigate from the first video to the second one.


The two videos combined generated (From March, 16th – April 14th, 2022)

➤ 422.794 organisch
➤ 8.779 engagements
➤ 400 new subscribers

3. Koken met Roelie | Raoul


Influencer Raoul’s existing series “Cooking with Roelie” was a successful format on YouTube. However, it was on the back burner. Team5pm’s team of creative YouTube strategists thought of ways to transform the existing series into a branded Prime Video production. They came up with recipes that had a connection to significant Prime Video movie/series classics. For example, the famous influencer Roelie recreated the famous chili of “The Office” character Kevin, a true classic for every “Office” fan. Another successful video from the series is about none other than farm legend and renowned racing fan Jeremy Clarkson. Thus, an excerpt from the series “Clarkson’s farm” served as the inspiration for the recipe of a traditional lamb rack, made by Raoul and well-known YouTuber Robbie. This link between the well-known film catalog and the popular format proved to be the secret recipe for achieving our ultimate goal: to entertain the Prime Video community for hours with distinctive Prime Video formats.


Even though the existing series on Raoul’s YouTube channel was on the back burner, the series seemed a real match for the Prime Video audience. What did we do? We transformed the series and breathed new life into it. With a Prime Video twist: the well-known cooking of recipes was now linked to the Prime Video film and series catalog. Where brand integration is normally hidden by a shout-out or product placement, Prime Video does it differently. The perfect match of the influencer Roelie and the sincere enthusiasm of the guest influencers for the Prime Video film catalog, ensured that the brand came to the forefront as a true hero. The organic reach was then amplified by YouTube in-feed Discovery Ads with smart targeting. In this way, people who hadn’t yet watched the video of Roelie could see it.


With a total of 9 videos we realized the following results (11.08.2021 – 06.10.2021):

➤ 500.000 views on 1 viral YouTube Short
➤ 48.000 Interactions
➤ 5.400 new subscribers

Project owners

  • Lisa Knigge

    Account Director

  • Stijn Smulders

    Managing Director Nordics

  • Frank De Wit

    Co-founder / Managing Director Agency

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