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The Prime Original Van A naar Onbekend combined with smart social distribution turned an online community into Prime Video subscribers. A high quality TV series but with an online vibe.

Prime Video x team5pm

Van A naar Onbekend: converting online fans to Prime Video subscribers

the challenge

Since entering the Dutch market back in 2019, Prime Video has been making waves in the entertainment industry. With a strong portfolio of international hits like The Boys, The Grand Tour, and The Ring of Power, the streaming service successfully found its way into the hearts of a diverse audience. But a demographic that still remained untapped, were the Dutch Gen Zers. How do we reach this younger target group? What video content do they want to see? And most importantly: how do we convince them to leave their beloved social channels and convert to a Prime Video subscription? Prime Video took on this challenge together with full-service video agency Team5pm. By combining data with creativity, the Prime Original ‘Van A naar Onbekend’ was born…

van a naar onbekend CASE MOVIE

Combining data, cross-medial content creation and a smart distribution strategy to make online followers get a Prime Video subscription.

 0:02 / 2:06 Van A naar Onbekend with De Bankzitters: Converting online fans to Prime Video subscribers | Team5pm

Prime Video’s goal was to reach a young audience that was not represented enough on Prime Video yet.

  • Build an online community focused on the target audience

  • Have this community actively engage with the Prime Video brand

  • Convert the target audience into Prime Video subscribers

The Strategy

Data showed that the young audience, Prime Video was looking for, is heavily represented on YouTube and TikTok. These are their go-to platforms for entertainment. This insight was reinforced by the fact that the YouTube channel that we’ve been building for Prime, gained 100K subs in just 12 months! 

What if there was a way to make this online audience leave their online platform to purchase a Prime Video subscription?

First things first, finding the right influencers to work with

Again we dove into the data. Our insights showed a huge match between Prime’s YouTube audience and De Bankzitters. A Dutch friend group of 5, that was absolutely popping on YouTube.

After selecting the right influencers, the challenge was to connect De Bankzitters to the Prime Video brand in a way that feels genuine and natural. We analyzed thousands of videos and formats online. What is the most popular? And what are the do’s and don’ts?

Our creatives went to work. First, they transformed De Bankzitter’s own YouTube formats into Prime Video adaptations. For instance, their cooking show Koken met Roelie was re-brought to life. With a Prime Video twist: the well-known cooking of recipes was now linked to the Prime Video film and series catalog. The series brought almost 6.000 subscribers to the channel. So it was time for the next step: the format De Knop (The Button) was born. An entertaining YouTube show, in which De Bankzitters sit around a big blue button. Every time they push it, Prime video related questions pop up. Sounds simple? It was. Simply perfect. The audience loved it. Koken met Roelie and De Knop generated over 6.600.000 views, 418.0000 hours of watch time and 215.000 engagements. Three seasons were produced and cleverly distributed with paid advertising. The show was viewed massively. These viewers decided to get seriously involved, 1 out of every 3 viewers engaged with De Bankzitters’ content by liking, commenting, sharing or saving the videos! It was safe to say that De Bankzitters showed a potential for something even bigger…

Meet ‘Van A naar Onbekend’: a Prime Original, starring De Bankzitters.

The five YouTube stars travel around the globe whilst completing the craziest challenges. It’s a format that hits the sweet spot between YouTube and TV content – and created massive FOMO among Prime Video’s online following. The perfect recipe to guide viewers to the Prime Video streaming service. 

Van A naar Onbekend hits the sweet spot between YouTube and TV. It created massive FOMO among Prime Video’s online following.

Premiere fun, global billboards, and De Bankzitters’ after-talk excitement

To spark action among the online community, we created a clever distribution plan – if we say so ourselves ;-) With over 5 million views, 147K engagements and more than 580K hours of watch time – it’s safe to say that De Knop was a huge YouTube success. That’s why we launched a travel season of De Knop on YouTube. In this weekly special, De Bankzitters (and their fans) discovered the next location of their upcoming trip for Van A naar Onbekend. This episode was published two days later on the Prime Video service. 

But that wasn’t it, on TikTok and Instagram we created a Bankzitters filter. Then, we hosted a competition for fans to use the filter in order to win premiere tickets to watch the first episode of Van A naar Onbekend. 

For the 30 winners, we hosted an exclusive premiere. This was filmed and transformed into a new video for De Bankzitters’ YouTube channel. It was a huge success and created a massive buzz for the show.

On top of that, we launched an out-of-home PR stunt across the globe. From Seoul to Times Square, billboards were popping up with Van A naar Onbekend and De Bankzitters’ faces. We turned this into a viral social video, distributed on De Bankzitters own channels.  The PR video created a buzz even outside of YouTube. 300.000 views and 13.000 engagements on Instagram and 162.000 views and 23.000 engagements on TikTok.

To make sure the audience stayed on the Prime Video streaming platform we produced fun after-talk episodes, starring De Bankzitters. An extra asset to entertain the viewer.

The Results

Prime Video successfully built an online community and converted them into Prime Video streaming subscribers.

From carefully selecting relevant influencers to creatively producing a Prime Video original – we’re proud of this unique project and the crazy results:

The YouTube series De Knop surpassed Prime Video’s set benchmarks: organic views +5.800%, organic watch time +99.900% and engagements +1.770% With this series, Prime Video surpassed 200.000 subscribers, with 40% of them being the target audience of this campaign!

In the top 


of best watched series on the Prime Video service for over a month

Promo videos scored


trending on YouTube

De Knop and Koken met Roelie generated over


hours of watch time

To promote Van A naar Onbekend we launched lead-in episodes on YouTube of which the first YouTube episode reached 100k views within the first 24 hrs and got in the YouTube top10 trending list.

The smart distribution plan transformed the online community into subscribers of Prime Video, resulting in Van A Naar Onbekend being in the top 3 of best watched series on the service for over a month.

Project owners

  • Frank De Wit

    Co-founder / Managing Director Agency

  • Daniel Ouwens

    Studio Lead

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