rené hogenes

A textbook example of how to reach even the most niche-like audiences with YouTube advertising. René Hogenes finds quality leads with YouTube advertising.


René Hogenes is a Dutch speed reading trainer who has been educating individuals and organisations to read faster and more efficiently for 25 years. His target group mainly consists of professionals like judges, lawyers and government leaders. His goal was to use YouTube advertising to reach this hard-to-reach target audience to get more sign-ups for his webinar.



For his weekly webinars

CPA (cost-per-acquisition)


Lower than the initial target


The René Hogenes case is a textbook example of how to reach even the most niche-like audiences with YouTube advertising.

We’ve conducted an extensive target group research which gave insight into how this audience was behaving within the Google Ecosystem. We translated their specific search, surf and viewing behaviour into a spot-on targeting.

By combining this targeting with the right video topic, René Hogenes is filling up his free webinar with qualitative leads on a weekly basis.


We created a stable base of around 300,000 views per day, with peaks of nearly a million.

By speaking the language of the subculture of our target audience, we were able to grow an enormous fanbase. Our custom designed memes were by far our viewers’ favorite content with the number of views going through the roof.

With the combination of data research, optimized content creation and a well-thought-out advertising strategy as the core accelerator, we achieved the following results:

Results: (july 1, 2020 – march 1, 2021)

  • 86,238 subscribers gained (+331% relative to target)
  • 657.4 million impressions (+20,444% relative to target)
  • 35.9 million views in total (+17,850% relative to target)
  • 2.8 million hours of watch time = (+22,300% relative to target)
  • more than 700,000 engagements

Project owners

  • Less Goes

    Lead Advertising

  • Erik Mus

    Video Marketing Consultant

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