Transavia advertises informative YouTube videos per video topic and gets a huge amount of watch time!


Transavia is a Dutch airline and part of the AirFrance-KLM-group. They’ve been active on YouTube for years, publishing new content on their YouTube channel on a weekly basis. In their informative, travel-related videos the airline gives information about destinations, offers a peek behind the scenes of Transavia and provides viewers with tips for their next trip. It’s help content that has been viewed pretty well. However, the videos didn’t quite yet generate the quality attention they deserve. That’s why at the end of 2021, Transavia came to us with a straightforward goal: generate as much quality watch time as possible within the specific target audience per video topic.



in hours





lower than the original target


Data is at the core of each of our strategies. That’s why we started by researching Transavia’s target audience. Who are they? And how do they fit within the different videos? Based on these insights, we’ve created in-market target audiences that would match the different videos. These were targeted with TrueView In-stream Ads. In this way, only those people who are truly interested were shown the information they’d been looking for. This minimises waste and maximises the effectiveness of the campaign.


By serving the right YouTube ads among the right target audience we generated:

  • a CPV -33% lower than initial target
  • more than >150.000 hours of watch time
  • a view rate +20% higher than initial target
  • an audience retention of almost 50%

Project owners

  • Less Goes

    Lead Advertising

  • Ronen Wolf

    Co-Founder / Commercial Lead

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