Format Development

One part of content creation for brands, is Format Development. Developing content formats requires creativity and this is one of the most important pillars for success on YouTube. Data insights, content trends and platform results are the starting point for format development. These insights are essential for the development of an impactful creative idea. The data from the Google Ecosystem gives our creatives the insights they need to develop the best creative format ideas. We also know which influencers are suitable to work with and know what organic and paid distribution is needed to achieve maximum results.Do you want to learn more? Read more here about format development!

Campaign Development

Campaign Development is a second component within content creation for brands, publishers and advertisers. What is Campaign Development?  This is the development of a YouTube campaign in which video and the video platform itself play a major role. This requires specific knowledge. How do you use YouTube in the best possible way? What possibilities does the platform offer?Through a combination of data insights, trends and platform knowledge, our creatives can come up with the most impactful campaign ideas. They have an extensive set of tools at their disposal to come up with a creative strategy and impactful ideas. Learn more about Campaign Development.

GAMMA's Treehouse DIY

An example of successful YouTube content creation

GAMMA’s unique Tree House DIY is an example of successful YouTube content. GAMMA came to us asking for data-driven and inspiring YouTube content. 
First, we conducted research. Based on these insights, our in-house creatives developed a new data-driven DIY format called ‘Ik Kan Het’. In this format, families build a dream project together. These unique DIYs are in the form of a timelapse, where there is no talking. And with wonderful results! The tree house DIY even won an international Webby Award in the category ‘How-To, Explainer & DIY’
Read more about the Tree House DIY case here.


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