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Onze visie op creativiteit en contentcreatie

Our view on creativity in video marketing

We’re not artists and we don’t pretend like we are. We find creative video solutions with data as a starting point and creativity as the magic touch. Consequently, we can pre-test these creative formats among your target group to ensure effectiveness.

We use all sorts of data, think of: consumer behaviour, market trends or platform characteristics. When balanced out perfectly with creativity, the two form a unique creative video solution to your business objective or challenge.

Creativity and video content for search

People turn to Google and YouTube for help. In making video content for search, like a how-to or explainer, there are tons of creative possibilities. As a full-service agency, we aim to be a pioneer in creatively enhancing help content. Whether it is short-form or long-form, on YouTube or beyond. We do this by starting with data about your audience’s search behaviour and adding unique, creative twists to formats people wouldn’t expect. The result is creative help content that ranks number one in search and catches and retains quality attention from your consumer.

Creativiteit en videocontent voor search

A unique branded video series that got viewers hooked for hours. It allowed the brand to connect with a target audience in a humorous and natural way.

For leading e-commerce platform, we came up with a creative videos series called ‘Star Reviews’ which combines data with creative entertainment. A straight-forward yet unique review format that evaluates electronic products by using real consumer star ratings as the foundation. It makes the viewer feel like they’re having a conversation with their know-how neighbour. By integrating a good amount of humour and ‘not-so scientific’ product tests we contributed to the humorous tone of voice that characterises The funny video edits magnified this and the video series became a creative success!

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Data is always the starting point and creativity adds the magic touch. This ensures your content strategy is not only based on gut-feel.

Creativiteit en branded entertainment

Creativity and entertaining video content

Making successful branded entertainment could be a tough nut to crack. We can help! Our roots lie in the world of TV and publishing. Making programmes is in our blood. This combined with data about platforms, markets and consumers makes up for a branded entertainment content strategy, that generates quality watch time for your brand. It’s how we won over the hearts of Gen Zs and Millennials, while promoting informative product USPs for the brand KPN. With entertaining branded gaming formats, that were distributed on Holland’s biggest online gaming platform, we made sure watch time and views skyrocketed and were 100% organically achieved. Read the KPN case here.

Creativity transcends video forms and platforms

Creativity is not bound to just one form of video content or one platform. No matter if we’re talking short-form video or long-form video, on YouTube, Instagram or TikTok. You name it, we’ll make it. During this creative process, data is always the starting point. This ensures your content strategy is not built on a creative direction based on gut-feel. For Prime Video, we created long-form memes that we run as ads. Viewer’s weren’t used to it, but they absolutely loved it. With crazy amounts of watch time as proof. Read more about our Prime Video case here.

Creativiteit gaat verder dan één platform of videovorm

As a full-service YouTube agency we offer a wide range of video services. Explore the full scoop of what we do down below.

Video production

Our production studio creates video content, optimised for your relevant video platforms.


We distribute video content to maximise reach and ensure organic growth.

YouTube advertising

We use Google and YouTube data to get quality attention from the right target group.

Brand measurement

We measure, predict and optimise the impact of your video content on brand KPIs.

Video strategy

A strategic plan that transforms data into the best possible video solution for your objective.

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