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We bring data insights and creativity together, building strong video formats that drive results on all relevant video platforms.

video production based on data

Creating content your audiences actually likes to see 

Reach your objectives with captivating content that puts your consumer first. Usually, data and creativity are diametrically opposed. We see it differently.

With YouTube, Google and TikTok as the biggest databases on consumer’s search and viewing behaviour we know what your audience loves to watch.

When balanced out perfectly with creativity, the two form a unique creative video solution to your business objective or challenge.

Make videos that fit the online world

A story structure for online is different from the traditional story structure for TV. If you create online videos, it doesn’t matter whether they are commercials or product videos, make sure you capture the viewer’s attention right away. Followed up by multiple spikes, unexpected shifts and brand signals. In short, to capture the attention of your audiences, produce a video from an online mindset.

We are born and raised on YouTube, but are at home across all platforms. So, you get exactly the right assets to tell your story on different media. See how view-through rates skyrocketed for Centraal Beheer with a commercial that fit the online world.

Videos that fit the online world

With the not-so-typical format ‘Sterren Reviews’ we didn’t interrupt what people are interested in, but we WERE what people are interested in

People spend almost 6 minutes watching each episode: that’s 52% of a review on average. Yes, you’ve read that right. Even the ad viewers.

  • 15.000 hours of watch time per episode

  • 10.8 million minutes of devoted attention

  • An average view rate of +73%

Our vision

Rather than constantly disrupting people’s interest, we should strive to become the subject of their interest.

Video content tailored to the search queries of your target audience

Search is changing. Platforms such as YouTube and TikTok are emerging as search engines and video is gaining a more prominent place in the algorithm. Want to claim top rankings? Video is the way to go!

Our research provides insight into popular content trends, what questions viewers have and what your competition does. Creativity allows you to deliver the right answers in a fun way. This way, you create video productions that captivate your consumer. The result? Take a look at GAMMA. 91% of the brand’s videos rank in the top 3 within Google and YouTube. Get inspired by these help content video case.

Video production tailored to the search needs of the consumer
Recurring video productions for the hub phase of the funnel

Data and creativity combined with entertainment

Our roots lie in the world of TV and publishing. Making programmes is in our blood. This combined with data about platforms, markets and consumers makes up for a branded entertainment content strategy, that generates quality watch time for your brand.

It’s how we won over the hearts of Gen Zs and Millennials, while promoting informative product USPs for the brand KPN. With entertaining branded gaming formats, that were distributed on Holland’s biggest online gaming platform, we made sure watch time and views skyrocketed and were 100% organically achieved. Read the KPN case here.

Want to know more about what YouTube can do for your brand?

  • Get answers to common questions marketers ask

  • Learn from successful YouTube cases

  • Discover how you can measure YouTube’s impact on key brand KPIs.

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Content strategy that works

Data is always the starting point and creativity adds the magic touch. This ensures your content strategy is not only based on gut-feel.

Customised video productions for the hub phase of the funnel

Creativity transcends video forms and platforms

Creativity is not bound to just one form of video content or one platform. No matter if we’re talking short-form video or long-form video, on YouTube, Instagram or TikTok. You name it, we’ll make it.

During this creative process, data is always the starting point. This ensures your content strategy is not built on a creative direction based on gut-feel. For Prime Video, we created long-form memes that we run as ads. Viewer’s weren’t used to it, but they absolutely loved it. With crazy amounts of watch time as proof. Read more about our Prime Video case here.


From strategy to creativity. From video production to distribution and measurement. We change your ‘maybes’ into ‘sures’ every time.

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