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A data approach that changes your ‘maybes’ into ‘sures’ every time


Achieve growth through measuring, predicting and optimising the effectiveness of your video content

Data-driven distribution in video marketing makes you reach your brand KPI's

Real-time data-driven video distribution

With a clear distribution strategy we make sure your video content sparks a positive attitude towards you as a brand. In our strategic partnership, we implement your previously formed video strategy across any possible platform and we make sure to reach your audience at the right time.

We measure, predict, and optimise the effectiveness of your video content to set the record straight. Skyrocket your organic reach with an advertising strategy and top it off with measurement to get insight into the effect. This integrative plan helps your brand to reach KPIs with video marketing.

A data approach to distribution that ensures organic growth

With the right twists and turns, your brand keeps growing organically within the complex algorithms of your video platforms. As icing on the cake, you gain a community.

To ensure this, we manage your video channels, optimise content, act on market insights, and provide recommendations based on viewer loyalty. Together, we strengthen your video marketing foundation. See how Tuinmanieren skyrocketed their online findability.

Organic growth within algorithms of all video platforms in your video marketing strategy

Volkswagen generated quality attention among various subgroups which led to an increased brand consideration for the ID.4

Using personalised ads, the right people saw the Volkswagen ad at exactly the right time and place.

  • Cost per view turned out to be -24% lower than KPI

  • View through rate is 16% above target

  • The view through rate is 11% more personalised then generic

The power of advertising

Capturing attention in the current media landscape is becoming more difficult. Data-driven advertising helps you to get quality attention.

a tailored advertising agency boosts your video marketing foundation

Use a customised advertising strategy in video marketing for results

Reach your audience at the right time, and on the right platform. You don’t even need to reinvent the wheel for that. That’s what we’re here for.

By gathering signals from the entire Google Ecosystem, we know what their interests are and where they’re at. With a tailor-made advertising strategy, we can make sure your consumer sees your long-form or short-form content and we promise quality views. After interaction with your ad, we can make them take action. Curious to get an impression? Check out the effects of the Oot Granola ad strategy.

Get insights into the impact of video marketing on your brand KPIs

You might wonder what impact video has on your brand. And you’re not alone.

Platform statistics alone – such as views, watch time and subscribers – are not sufficient enough to measure and determine the impact of your video strategy on your brand. Our brand measurements give insight into the performance of your campaign on brand KPIs that are important to you. Think of: brand awareness, brand preference, purchase intention and brand ambassadorship.

How brand measurement and video pretesting make an impact in your video marketing strategy
A maximum return of your video content

A maximum return of your video content

You’ve invested a lot of time and money in developing a great campaign. But how do you find out – preferably before you distribute your content to hundreds of thousands of viewers – whether your videos are going to stand out, hold your viewers’ attention and create brand impact?

In order to get the maximum return from your budget and video production, it can be useful to test and optimise the effectiveness of your video before distributing it. Pre-testing finds out what extent the video succeeds in communicating your brand, product and/or message, which message catches on and is most effective and which version of your video has the greatest impact.


From strategy to creativity. From video production to distribution and measurement. We change your ‘maybes’ into ‘sures’ every time

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