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How do you optimize a YouTube video and channel? To streamline this process, Team5pm has developed its own checklists and step-by-step plans. We look at every relevant part in terms of content, design, SEO, engagement, distribution and other settings. We map out everything that can influence the results of your videos and channel. This way we know exactly what needs to be done to improve your channel’s score and rankings.

Channel Management

Team5pm manages YouTube channels on a daily and weekly basis. We take over the entire management of your YouTube channel. Uploads, optimising videos, monitoring reactions and reporting results of your channel: we take care of it all. If you have questions about uploading videos, which metrics are important or how to create a good thumbnail, you can contact our channel managers who have the necessary knowledge to give advice and tips to achieve growth for your brand.

Digital Rights Management

In addition to managing your YouTube content, we can also protect it. With today’s technology it is becoming increasingly easier to re-use content without permission. Within YouTube, the protection of content is a very important topic, which is actually still not being talked about enough. We monitor the content for you and ensure that the rights remain with the right person.


We offer YouTube training for anyone who wants to get more business results from YouTube. By combining our years of experience, our large network of clients, the use of data, research and experiments, we know exactly what works on YouTube. We share this knowledge in our YouTube Academy. Online and offline.

Campaign Management YouTube

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