Team 5PM

our story

We are 5PM

5PM was founded in 2018 from the idea that there are plentiful opportunities for publishers and brands to use YouTube successfully. YouTube has been incredibly popular for years, but in the Netherlands, no agencies were specializing in this platform. That is, until now.


What we do

From strategy to implementation, we help our customers with all aspects of success on YouTube. By better distributing, optimising and providing data-driven insights for video content, we help our customers achieve more views, watch time, advertising revenue and conversions on YouTube.

Four founders

5PM has four founders: Tom Schoufs, Jelmer Wind, Ronen Wolf and Peter Minkjan. They all worked together at RTL Nederland, the largest multi-channel network in the Netherlands. There we were responsible for, among other things, devising and setting up the new youth brand Concentrate.

Picture Credit: Studio Gerry Hurkmans


Why the name 5PM?

We chose the name because 5PM is the primetime upload moment on YouTube. And also because 5PM is just a great time to end your workday, or to continue. We strongly believe in a positive balance between work and private life. Thus we offer our team members a great deal of responsibility and trust, as well as the freedom to organise their work as they wish.

The growth

In 2018 the four of us started in a small office without any daylight, but since then the company has grown enormously. Our team now consists of more than 20 employees, whom all work from a lovely office in Amsterdam West. In 2019 we won the prize for the best new marketing agency in the Netherlands (“SAN New Kids on the Block”), and we are now working with several national and international clients.


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