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Smart and effective advertising on YouTube

While most brands still view YouTube as a platform to promote additional reach, in recent years, the use of YouTube and its applicability has been developed further. YouTube is no longer the platform for merely placing your TV commercial; it can also significantly assist with achieving marketing goals at the top and bottom of the funnel. Because of our experience and emphasis on video advertising on YouTube, we are consistently aware of the most recent developments and best practices. We can help you choose the right advertising content to ensure that your goals are achieved on YouTube!

Reach your target audience

Each month, almost three-quarters of the Dutch population interact with YouTube. Thus, there is a high chance that your target audience will also be using the largest video platform in the world. We help you reach and interact with the most appropriate target audience. YouTube offers a comprehensive range of options to take this first step towards a long-term relationship.

Inspire and build long-term relationships

Unlike Facebook, for example, YouTube is not only an entertainment platform but also used for educational purposes. The most common reason for using YouTube is to learn something, which means that the audience is open to help and inspiration. Therefore, YouTube offers excellent opportunities for brands to incorporate targeted advertisements. Once you have reached out to the target audience, it is essential to follow this up with another relevant contact moment to continue to build rapport and remain on the customer’s mind. Together we create a preference for your brand, to surpass the competition in both the short and long term.


Generate conversions and leads

Before making a purchase, over half of the consumers will consult YouTube, indicating that YouTube also plays a timely role at the purchase phase. Through smart targeting, we capitalise on the unique possibility of drawing on the search behaviour of Google and YouTube, you as a brand can better influence the moment of purchase. Whether you are looking for relevant reach, website traffic, leads or sales: all are possible with YouTube advertising.

Outsource or learn yourself

With YouTube advertising, we help our customers from A to Z to successfully set up, optimise and report. In addition, we also offer YouTube advertising training on our YouTube Academy. This way, you will specifically learn what you need to do to knowingly and effectively advertise on YouTube, and we will provide countless tips and support afterwards. Are you interested in receiving training? Contact us for a customised quote.

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Strategy & Management

Flexa’s objective was to optimise its YouTube channel to improve the organic reach and findability. When search terms relating to Flexa were used in Google and YouTube, Flexa had to rank at the top. The most critical metrics are organic views, watch time and rankings.


Strategy & Management

 NPO 3FM wants to reach and retain a new target audience through YouTube and thus increase the relevance within the target audience. The concrete objective was that the channel would grow to 60K subscribers. Also, NPO 3FM wanted to train the internal team to become YouTube Channel Managers.


Strategy & Optimalisation

GAMMA’s objective was to optimise its YouTube channel and to improve the organic reach, including the findability of the channel. When search terms relating to GAMMA and the new fall campaign with the theme “insulation” were used in Google and YouTube, the brand had to rank at the top. The most important metrics for this are organic views, watch time and rankings.


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