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youtube Management

Let us manage and grow your YouTube channel

Do you want to expand on YouTube but lack the workforce? 5PM can successfully take care of this for you. Let our experts help you grow in subscribers, views, watch time and advertising revenue through the right channel management.

YouTube Channel Management

Along with advising, we also regularly manage and take care of all aspects of YouTube channels. We handle all the uploads, ensuring that all videos are published optimally, and we make sure to monitor the results and optimise them where possible. Moreover, we moderate all reactions, report the results, and we guarantee that your channel will grow.

Digital Rights Management

We protect and manage your content on YouTube (and Facebook) to ensure complete control, fewer infringements and increased income. Although protecting content and complying with copyright rules is a critical factor within YouTube, and this topic is often overlooked . We help content owners manage this process effectively and efficiently.

Creative Content Support

We know what works on YouTube. That is why we also offer creative support in the development and production of YouTube content. From input for the perfect How-To video to the supervision of longer-running series and formats and selecting the appropriate producer.

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Strategy & Management
Flexa’s objective was to optimise its YouTube channel to improve the organic reach and findability. When search terms relating to Flexa were used in Google and YouTube, Flexa had to rank at the top. The most critical metrics are organic views, watch time and rankings.




Strategy & Management
NPO 3FM wants to reach and retain a new target audience through YouTube and thus increase the relevance within the target audience. The concrete objective was that the channel would grow to 60K subscribers. Also, NPO 3FM wanted to train the internal team to become YouTube Channel Managers.


Strategy & Optimalisation
GAMMA’s objective was to optimise its YouTube channel and to improve the organic reach, including the findability of the channel. When search terms relating to GAMMA and the new fall campaign with the theme “insulation” were used in Google and YouTube, the brand had to rank at the top. The most important metrics for this are organic views, watch time and rankings.


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