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YouTube Optimisation

Through our Optimisation and the smart use of YouTube SEO, channels and videos are easier to find. We also ensure that the videos are recommended more frequently. This approach results in higher rankings, more views and a higher return. Given, our extensive experience with YouTube and a data-driven approach; we know what needs to be done to optimise your videos accurately.

Knowledge of the YouTube algorithm

Our customers generate a total of more than a billion views per year. Currently, we assist several of the largest Dutch and international brands, and publishers benefit from using YouTube. Those brands provide access to an enormous amount of data that enable us to investigate and test what content works, what does not, and why. We know better than anyone how the algorithm works and how you can use it to your advantage.



YouTube Review

We always start our optimisation with a comprehensive review of the channel. This analysis ensures that you know what precisely is required to get the most out of YouTube. Unbeknownst to most clients, there are usually multiple settings that can we can improve on a channel. Our consultants analyse your channel based on five main categories. This analysis, developed by 5PM provides a clear picture of the status of the channel. We start optimising the channel based on the points that need improvement. The review and optimisation by 5PM can provide a strong foundation for a successful YouTube channel. In addition, we advise you on how the right content can be created and distributed.

YouTube SEO

One of the essential traffic sources on YouTube is the search feature. We optimise videos to make them appear at the top of the search results and generate more views from  the search. This way, we increase the channel authority and grow the channel in terms of subscribers, views and watch time. We optimise existing videos so that they rank better. Also, we show with data how exactly our customers can achieve the best results with future videos through Data-Driven Content Creation.

Dominate the YouTube and Google search results

Nowadays, Google shows one or more videos in more than 40% of all searches. This offers enormous opportunities to dominate your niche on Google with your videos in addition to YouTube. We can help you to achieve this.

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Strategy & Management.

Flexa’s objective was to optimise its YouTube channel to improve the organic reach and findability. When search terms relating to Flexa were used in Google and YouTube, Flexa had to rank at the top. The most critical metrics are organic views, watch time and rankings.


Strategy & Management

NPO 3FM wants to reach and retain a new target audience through YouTube and thus increase the relevance within the target audience. The concrete objective was that the channel would grow to 60K subscribers. Also, NPO 3FM wanted to train the internal team to become YouTube Channel Managers.


Strategy & Optimalisation

GAMMA’s objective was to optimise its YouTube channel and to improve the organic reach, including the findability of the channel. When search terms relating to GAMMA and the new fall campaign with the theme “insulation” were used in Google and YouTube, the brand had to rank at the top. The most important metrics for this are organic views, watch time and rankings.


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