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Data-driven YouTube Strategy for brands and publishers

We help our customers achieve success on YouTube with content, distribution and conversion strategies. Moreover, we help optimise channels for more views, more watch time and more customers. Through the combination of our years of extensive experience and the use of data, research and experiments, we know what works well on YouTube. We translate that into a clear strategy that leads to better results.

Full Funnel YouTube Strategy

From our years of experience, combined with research, data and insights, we know what works on YouTube. With this knowledge, we help our customers achieve success on YouTube during every phase of the funnel. Previously, YouTube was predominantly used to generate awareness and reach an audience. We also help our customers create more engagement, leads and conversions as well as increase customer satisfaction.

YouTube Content Strategy

We make sure that your videos are suggested more frequently and rank higher on YouTube and Google. Together we determine the ideal content strategy for your channel. Using our Data-Driven Content Creation service, we thoroughly investigate which video content has the highest chance of scoring views and increasing watch time. In turn, we provide strong recommendations to create content guided by data and insights, as opposed to content guided by gut feelings and personal preferences.

YouTube Distribution Strategy

91% of all videos on YouTube get no more than 1,000 views. With a smart YouTube distribution strategy, we ensure that your videos are not among these. We use data and insights to tell you exactly how you can better distribute your videos authentically.

YouTube Conversion Strategy

To incorporate a strong conversion strategy, we use a combination of organic growth and intelligent YouTube advertising. With this, we can ensure better traffic, conversions or advertising revenue for publishers. In addition to higher incomes, the use of YouTube can also lead to substantial cost savings in the area of ​​customer service and webcare.


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Strategy & Management

Flexa’s objective was to optimise its YouTube channel to improve the organic reach and findability. When search terms relating to Flexa were used in Google and YouTube, Flexa had to rank at the top. The most critical metrics are organic views, watch time and rankings.


Strategy & Management

NPO 3FM wants to reach and retain a new target group through YouTube and thus increase the relevance within the target group. The main objective was that the channel would grow to 60K subscribers. Additionally, NPO 3FM wanted to train the internal team to become YouTube Channel Managers.


Strategy & Optimalisation

GAMMA’s objective was to optimise its YouTube channel and to improve the organic reach, including the findability of the channel. When search terms relating to GAMMA and the new fall campaign with the theme “insulation” were used in Google and YouTube, the brand had to rank at the top. The most important metrics for this are organic views, watch time and rankings.


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