Video content is our passion and we love to innovate the way brands and publishers use it. As a team, we create success in each phase of the video funnel.


We are video fanatics. Born and raised on YouTube, we use our data-driven approach to create content that drives results on all relevant video platforms


From strategy to creativity. From video production to distribution and measurement. We change your ‘maybes’ into ‘sures’ every time

But moreover, your strategic video partner. We bring strategy, content and distribution together under one roof, fuelled by data and driven by results.

Video strategy

A strategic plan that transforms data into the best possible video solution for your objective.


We create unique video formats that your audience really wants to see.

Video production

Our production studio creates video content, optimised for your relevant video platforms.

Video distribution

We distribute video content to maximise reach and ensure organic growth.

YouTube advertising

We use Google and YouTube data to get quality attention from the right target group.

Brand measurement

We measure, predict and optimise the impact of your video content on brand KPIs.


We take the guesswork out of video content by using data insights as the backbone of everything we do.

Our data-driven approach to video marketing

Our no-nonsense approach delivers an in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour, trends, platforms and relevant markets. We transform these insights into a video product tailored to your objectives.

Our data-driven approach to video marketing
Companies who trust us

We help national and international clients from across the globe to innovate their use of video content. Both organic and paid, long-form and short-form, on all relevant platforms.


Unique content creation and a data-driven advertising strategy turned a critical audience into a loyal fanbase, consisting of true Prime Video lovers.

Prime Video’s goal was to turn critical subcultures on YouTube into loyal fans, thereby increasing brand awareness and content discovery.

Extensive data research made up for unique content production and a tailor-made YouTube advertising strategy. Long-form memes were run as ads and targeted amongst specific audiences. People couldn’t get enough: a total watch time of over 2 million hours and more than 500,000 engagements. Prime Video owned the market and created a loyal online community because of it.


Video content is our passion and we love to innovate the way brands and publishers use it. As a team, we create success in each phase of the video funnel.

Team5pm is building successful video strategies for clients all over the world

We work with smart businesses from across the globe

Based in Amsterdam, Cape Town and Stockholm, our team of +100 video experts are globally networked with national and international brands and publishers.

We believe video knows no boundaries. It is a universal language, independent of time and place. Our aim is to innovate the way it is used. Come join us on our journey!

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AS A full-service YOUTUBE agency…

We like to innovate and motivate others to do so too. What we do we base on data. It runs in our veins. Get inspired by some of our latest insights.

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