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A YouTube Services Company for (Brand) Publishers


We offer (brand) publishers various YouTube services, ranging from content & distribution strategy to channel management and from video monetisation to audience growth. We have everything you need to maximise reach, revenue and impact in order to reach your (commercial) objectives.

Why is YouTube so important? YouTube is not only the largest video-on-demand platform in the world, but also the 2nd largest search machine on the planet. With over 3 billion searches per month, YouTube is a key point of departure on the Internet, especially among millennials.

To get in touch with this demographic, it is essential that you use the right strategy to maximise your reach on YouTube. Not just to align yourself with a new demographic and build your brand, but also to generate additional income and to convert your new-found reach to your own platforms or other (commercial) objectives.

We have noticed that most (brand) publishers already have amazing video content, but great videos alone just won’t do. Distribution and knowledge of the YouTube algorithm will determine the success, and accordingly the impact, of this content. Whether branding is your objective or whether you’re looking to direct traffic to your own platforms, you should always opt for a strategy that sees YouTube work for you.

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What we do?

Improve your strategy
Optimise your channel
Manage your channel
Monetise your video’s
Grow and convert your audience
“YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest search engine.”
“YouTube is the largest Video On Demand service in the Netherlands.”
“You can use YouTube to generate additional income. Really!”


The way video is distributed has changed for good. The time of consuming linear content has come and gone. At the same time, the online viewing time for that very same content is growing exponentially.

We believe that (brand) publishers have a keen eye when it comes to finding the right content, but reaching an audience in today’s new media landscape often proves challenging.

Tech and knowledge of algorithms have a key role to play in this world. In addition, uninhibited intrinsic curiosity for all the new opportunities offered by on-demand and social video platforms is key if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

The future for (brand) publishers is promising: viewers are consuming more media than ever before and technological developments are constantly making it easier to reach people anytime and anywhere. You will, however, have to develop an intuitive understanding of and feeling for how you can get your video noticed.

5PM has this understanding and feeling like no other and uses them to generate growth for (brand) publishers!


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Who we are

Jelmer Wind
Co-Founder 5PM, Business Leadjelmer@team5pm.com+31624128810
Tom Schoufs
Co-Founder 5PM, Creative Leadtom@team5pm.com+31616120931
Peter Minkjan
Co-Founder 5PM, Social Strategy & Advertising Leadpeter@team5pm.com+316
Ronen Wolf
Co-Founder 5PM, Partnerships Leadronen@team5pm.com+316
Mio Blankensteijn
Channel Managermio@team5pm.com+316

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