Team5pm is the go-to agency for YouTube, focusing on data researchstrategycontentadvertising and video sales through its own YouTube network. The agency celebrated its third anniversary this month and has managed to grow from four founders to an YouTube agency with 75 team members in a short period of time. Team5pm’s core mission is to help brands and publishers succeed on YouTube, building the smart brands of tomorrow. The group’s growth has been incredibly fast: it began in 2018 with YouTube Agency 5PM and expanded in 2019 with the inclusion of video production agency Studio Catwise. Meanwhile, Team5pm is successfully helping large national and international clients on YouTube and is looking to expand to multiple countries in the coming years.

Jelmer Wind, co-founder Team5pm | The YouTube Agency: “We’ve been running our agency for three years now, building and optimizing smart YouTube channels for brands through data-driven consultancy and content creation. By combining the strengths of our various labels, we have now chosen to continue under the name of Team5pm. This ensures that we can support our clients even more sustainably, which automatically contributes to the growth of our YouTube agency. Due to the demand from foreign partners, we have already been focusing on internationalizing our services since 2020, partly because the YouTube landscape continues to grow rapidly internationally as well.”

Team5pm | The YouTube Agency

Team5pm is the YouTube agency for publishers and brands, that focuses on data research, strategycontentadvertising and video sales through its own YouTube-network. Through data-driven consulting and algorithm-friendly content creation, Team5pm helps clients achieve success on YouTube. For example by achieving more views, watch time, high Google & YouTube rankings, ad revenue, leads and conversions on YouTube. The team of over 75 employees consists of the best YouTube experts. The head office is located on the Baarsjesweg in Amsterdam. Team5pm now works for brands as ANWB, Amazon Prime Video, Samsung, AkzoNobel, The Ocean Clean-up, GAMMA, Jacobs Douwe Egberts and KPN.


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