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How you skyrocket your brand preference with entertaining YouTube content

After a successful YouTube Shorts and YouTube for Brands webinar, we’re talking branded YouTube content. Are you a (brand) publisher and looking for creative ways to build strong communities with branded content? Our free YouTube webinar ‘The Power of Branded Entertainment‘ helps you skyrocket your brand preference. Learn how to generate hours of watch time with branded entertainment content on YouTube.

During this content-dedicated webinar renowned experts like Frank de Wit (Producer and Managing Director of our Creative Studio), Jochem Klicks (Creative Strategist) and Patrick Meijer, CEO Absolute Motors, share unique insights:

➤ The importance of realizing watch time and quality attention for your brand

➤ How gaming content resulted in a growth in brand preference for KPN

➤ The successful content strategy of Absolute Motors, True Sneakerz, De Ijsmaker and GP products

You don’t want to miss out on this one.

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Are you already curious to know more about the successful strategy of Absolute Motors? Check out this interview with Patrick Meijer.

YouTube webinar: the power of branded entertainment


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Account Manager


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