In addition to being the world’s largest VOD platform on mobile, tablet and dekstop, Youtube is the market leader on Connected TV in the US, passing Netflix on the big screen. 34% of users watch YouTube content on their TV, a trend we also see in The Netherlands. This is an important development for marketeers.

Ronen Wolf, co-founder of Team5pm | The YouTube Agency: “YouTube offers advertisers the mass reach of TV, combined with the depth of online data and targeting. And yet the vast majority of media buyers are buying into old TV audiences, such as Shoppers 20-49. A huge missed opportunity. Therefore it is time for disruption! Our team of specialists works on a daily basis on developing and optimizing data-driven advertising campaigns, where we use all the possibilities that the Google Ecosystem offers us for the highest possible quality (mass) reach. We already do this for brands like ANWBAmazon PrimeGAMMA, Volkswagen, Telegraaf, BOVAG and the Red Cross.”

Less Goes, Advertising Lead Team5pm | The YouTube Agency: “Youtube is no longer the platform where you only reach the target audience, but where you can also play an important role in the consideration and conversion phase. The platform is growing incredibly fast and is expected to continue to do so in the coming years, looking at the worldwide increasing ad-spend of advertisers. It does not matter who you want to reach and what story you want to tell, your target audience is always on YouTube. We know exactly how to achieve maximum qualitative reach and thus increase the impact and ROI of campaigns.”


Team5pm is the YouTube agency for publishers and brands, that focuses on data research, strategy, content, advertising and video sales through its own YouTube-network. Through data-driven consulting and algorithm-friendly content creation, Team5pm helps clients achieve success on YouTube. For example by achieving more views, watch time, high Google & YouTube rankings, ad revenue, leads and conversions on YouTube. The team of over 75 employees consists of the best YouTube experts. The head office is located on the Baarsjesweg in Amsterdam. Team5pm now works for brands as ANWB, Amazon Prime Video, Samsung, AkzoNobel, The Ocean Clean-up, GAMMA, Jacobs Douwe Egberts and KPN.


90% of consumers say they use YouTube to discover new products (Thinkwithgoogle, 2019). So your prospective consumer is ready to be convinced by the right video content. That’s exactly the moment, where you as an advertiser want to be with your video! In our brand new white paper “YouTube for Advertisers” you will receive concrete tips and tricks. It’s your free guide to a spot-on advertising strategy on YouTube.

  • Get answers to marketers’ most frequently asked advertising questions.
  • Discover how to get the maximum ROI from your budget.
  • Learn how to use the biggest advertising trends for 2023 to your advantage

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