the impact of AI on search and your brand 

AI is a hot topic. Every marketer feels the need to do something with it. This is why Google’s new AI update causes a lot of stir in the search industry. The summary? A lot is happening but essentially, not much has changed. The essence of Google stays the same: to answer your question in the best way possible. 

With the use of AI, suddenly Google can do that way better. The game of providing answers to search intent doesn’t change. Google still wants to serve the needs of its consumers as well as possible. And the same should apply to your brand. 

What do you as a brand have to provide your target audience? What makes the user end up on your website? Due to new AI-driven changes, you might get less traffic from people that for example quickly want to find out what PIF insulation is. But, there will also be people looking for an accurate more detailed story, like how they can insulate their roof with PIF insulation foil. From a specialist. Meaning, your brand ;-). This states the importance of focusing on engaging, seo-optimized content. Because one thing is certain: the intent of your potential consumer is present. 

you really get to know your target audience with data

And now it is important to get to know your target audience. What are they searching for? But also think of what kind of content they prefer. You can create a content plan for SEO with data about search and viewing behavior. Data provides insights into relevant topics, how long your content has to be, which trends fit your brand, the right titles, platform specifications, and relevant (video) specs. Dutch retailer HEMA used the data tool topictree to rank #1 on Google, YouTube and TikTok. Check out the HEMA case below.

genZ = genSearch

One of the driving forces of the changes in search? Gen Z. A critical generation that prefers its answers short, visual and quick. 

A favorite fashion brand? Searched for on Instagram. Cleaning tips or quick recipes? Perfect for the TikTok search bar. Putting together an Ikea closet? YouTube to the rescue! Social platforms are used as search engines more often than ever before. Why? Because it’s super easy. You find what you’re looking for quickly, the information is easy to process and maybe even more important: the content is visual! 

The line between social media platforms and search engines are becoming more and more blurred. Now that socials are no longer just a place for viral dance videos or connecting with friends, it’s time for your brand to hop in on social search!

bring social and SEO together

The conclusion? Search behavior is changing, and so are viewing volumes. Social platforms are being used to learn more, get inspired and make purchases through video content. Especially TikTok and YouTube serve as excellent search engines to rank at the the top with seo-optimized content (short or long). Google knows this. Well-optimized (short-form) video content gets the space in the algorithm to answer questions. This means that as a brand, you can also rank in Google with social content and can claim a domain on multiple platforms. Bring social and SEO together!

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