TikTok is a search engine

Besides TikTok being a platform where products are sold out within no-time, and creators get world wide fame within a few hours, the platform also entered the market as the favorite search engine of Gen Z. Yes, you read that correctly. This generation prefers quick visual answers, whether it’s the best hotspots for your next citytrip, useful cleaning tips or easy, healthy recipes.

This insight creates huge opportunities for brands that want to claim a specific domain with their products. While there are a lot of brands that want to make use of the platform, they mostly tend to go for the entertainment side. They ask social creators to come up with some fun ideas. This is some kind of reflex, which is not necessarily bad, as creative formats can be of great value when building your brand. However, you miss out on a fantastic opportunity: the messy middle.

TikTok is the perfect tool to help your consumer in the online orienting process. A brand that understands this like no other is HEMA. They helped their consumer by providing the right content that made them the front runner when it comes to data-driven TikTok SEO.

POV: when a brand uses the full potential of TikTok ;-)

As a born and raised SEO-fanatic, Merel Hopman walked into the Team5pm office with the right questions: “which content does our target group really value?” and “How do we increase online visibility and claim top rankings?”. The only right answer to this is: it’s all in the data! By using the insights correctly, we merged SEO and social. And the results? They were pretty impressive, if I do say so myself…

We cracked the TikTok SEO code

We really got to know HEMA’s consumers with data. Our automated video-SEO software TopicTree, allowed us to see in which domain HEMA’s target group is present, which one is most relevant, and where HEMA’s competitors are not active (yet)! After conducting a broad analysis, we found that ‘bathroom’ and ‘window decoration’ were the most important search domains for HEMA. This was the starting point for the video series ‘HEMA helps’: help content, focused on making life at home easier with nifty tips and tricks for the household. Multiple content teams worked together to create content for various video platforms, all within a single day.

The results speak for themselves. A personal moment of happiness came when our strategist Stef rushed into the office with his phone raised above his head: “We already rank #1” just 5 hours after uploading. And then we realized, after YouTube, we also cracked the TikTok SEO code.

And to make things even better, HEMA’s TikTok content also dominated in the Google results. This proves that search is indeed changing. From text to video, on all platforms. If you jump in on this as a brand, you’re making the right move!

A call to brands: bring social media managers and SEO together! 

If you read this article and think: I want to get started but where should I begin? First, I would advise you to bring your social media managers and SEO specialists together. Let them talk, as they share the same goal. Second, make sure you get a clear idea of what your consumer is really looking for. Start from there, with adding this ‘helping’ layer to your content palette. And, as a third step, if you still struggle to sort it all out…call Team5pm ;-)

Want to know how to elevate your brand using TikTok?

TikTok is more than just a platform for viral dances and memes; it’s a powerful tool for brands to amplify their voice and reach. As your dedicated TikTok agency, we specialize in increasing your sales, leads, and social media presence. Discover more here, and let’s take your brand to the next level on TikTok.

‘as a seo fanatic at heart, i am very proud of this case. together with video agency team5pm, we smartly used data to make life at home easier with seo-optimized video content.’

‘as a seo fanatic at heart, i am very proud of this case. together with video agency team5pm, we smartly used data to make life at home easier with seo-optimized video content.’