Make sure your YouTube video doesn’t get lost in the crowd

Why distribution to and from YouTube is so important

We know that YouTube is the #1 educational and entertainment platform. However, on this platform, videos also disappear easily. Thus, in addition to having a good video, distribution is essential to achieving success on the platform. “Content is King, but distribution is Queen and she wears the pants”, this quote from Jonathan Perelman (Buzzfeed) sums it up perfectly.

Why video content?

Video content is not to be missed out on in a content strategy (Tip: take a look at the successful content strategy examples in the branded entertainment webinar). This is mainly because videos attract a lot more attention than plain texts or nice graphics on social channels do. In addition, videos provide a wider range and higher involvement, are easier to find and help clarify your story. This is not surprising, because Google ranks (pages with) videos, higher in its search engine. So, using YouTube as a platform on which you place specific content with conversion or extra awareness as the goal is a logical choice.

The importance of distribution

Having a good video is unfortunately not enough. As mentioned earlier: YouTube is also a platform on which content quickly disappears. In fact: 80.2% of all Dutch videos on YouTube achieve no more than 5,000 views. As a publisher, how do you ensure that you are among the remaining 19.1%? Smart distribution. This is an essential part that is oftentimes forgotten by many publishers, and that’s a shame because distribution ensures visibility. Ultimately, the goal of every publisher is to gain as much reach and quality attention as possible. You want to be visible everywhere, so why not share that one video on all the relevant platforms?

Distribution: how?

Using distribution can be done in various ways. At Team5pm | The YouTube Agency, we focus on data to help determine the most relevant opportunities for our clients. In any case, it is key that distribution should be set in place prior to the video production. With that in mind, content for the distribution channels can already be taken into account during shooting days. In this way, you focus on YouTube (and your own video player), but you also create content for Facebook, Instagram and perhaps TikTok. This saves time and money.

Are social media channels not included in the content strategy or do you want to be visible on other platforms as well? Then don’t forget to build links. YouTube rewards channels that are ensuring that additional traffic comes from external platforms to YouTube. This results in higher channel authority because YouTube pushes you more within the platform.

In addition, the platform itself offers several opportunities for organic distribution. Think of all the optimisation possibilities and community management, but also the cross-promotion to and from other channels. However, once you combine this with paid distribution, you are able to achieve maximum success. How? By combining the right content with spot-on targeting. With organic content, you aren’t able to reach everyone. But with paid distribution, you create maximum visibility within the perfect target group. In short: distribute the content using both organic and paid methods for the greatest impact.

Publishers’ success stories

In collaboration with our clients, we try to achieve the greatest success through distribution. For example, we achieved 35,000 views with a hidden video from the Reformatorisch Dagblad (Reformatory Newspaper) with just an embed in the newsletter. Once the video was actually published, YouTube pushed it more than the average publisher’s videos.

For PokerStars, it is important to reach new audiences with YouTube and thus build a real community. Therefore, one of the things we use with this client includes a full upload schedule for Community Posts. We asked the audience the main question: Who do you think is the best poker player of all time? Through a bracket system, containing weekly posts, we ensured a significant increase in the engagement rate. The result? 250,000 votes, 15,000 likes and 5,000 comments.

YouTube Growth Yara

Hyundai wanted to bring their new flagship electric car, the IONIQ 5, to the attention of potential buyers on YouTube. With the IONIQ 5, the brand wanted to stand out among all the existing, generic car content on YouTube. Instead of focusing on demographics, we looked for relevant signs that proved people were actually interested in electric vehicles. Within 2 months, the videos generated over 120,000 views with an average viewing time of 5:19 minutes.

YouTube Growth Yara

With Prime Video NL, we created several viral videos with a reach of millions because it was shared on several external platforms (such as Reddit, 9gag etc…). Because of this gigantic reach, even after six months, these videos still achieve thousands of views per week.

YouTube Growth Yara

Distribution is key

Ultimately, the goal of video content comes down to primarily creating and increasing the reach. The biggest tool to achieve this is really distribution. Two things that should not be forgotten: think in advance about content that can be used for distribution, and make sure that content does not get lost in the billions of other videos on YouTube.

Want to discover what a YouTube marketing agency can do for you?

A dedicated YouTube marketing agency helps your brand to tap into a broad audience, engaging them with visually rich and relevant video content. A specialized YouTube agency can help you navigate this complex platform efficiently, ensuring that your marketing investment translates into measurable results. Click here to learn more about a YouTube marketing agency.

Want to discover what a YouTube marketing agency can do for you?

Born and raised on YouTube, we’ve developed a unique, data-driven approach to create effective videos. As the second-largest global search engine, tapping into YouTube’s full potential requires more than just uploading videos. A specialized YouTube agency can efficiently navigate this complex platform, ensuring your marketing investment translates into measurable results. Click here to learn more about a YouTube marketing agency.

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