European Video Awards honours Team5pm as Best Agency for Video

YouTube Agency gets crowned with honourable video recognition

Amsterdam, Tuesday July 12th, 2022 – YouTube Agency Team5pm has won an international prize during the European Video Awards. The award show, organised by British professional magazine VideoWeek, ​​recognises the industry’s innovators in video and CTV advertising. The data-driven YouTube Agency gets to call themselves the Best Agency for Video. The ceremony took place in Regent’s Park in London.

Tom Schoufs, co-founder Team5pm: “We are incredibly proud to have been voted ‘Best Video Agency’ by the European Video Awards. As a full-service YouTube agency, we have undergone tremendous growth in a short period of time, working for clients such as Amazon Prime Video, Playstation, Samsung, Hyundai and YouTube itself. We have shown that with a data-driven YouTube approach you can successfully reach your target audience and KPIs. Data-driven insights that always serve as the basis for strategy, creation, production and distribution! The European Video Awards are a fantastic reward for this belief. Of course we would like to thank all our partners for their trust!”


This past May, YouTube Agency Team5pm celebrated its fourth anniversary. In those four years, the start-up has grown into a full-fledged scale-up. Team5pm grew from one to over 100 colleagues, four clients became 75+ and revenue has multiplied 54 times. Currently, the YouTube Agency operates in 24 countries with four offices and 16 awards to their name.

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  • Melanie Butter

    PR Manager


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