Jelmer Wind, co-founder Team5pm: “We have been actively internationalizing our agency for some time now. This has led to a fourth office. This time in beautiful Cape Town, which has a lot of creative talent with a great love for video. For me personally, South Africa is a long-cherished wish that has now become reality. YouTube is still growing worldwide and our customers are in different countries. With Stephanie at the helm of Team5pm South Africa, we can make great strides and help our (inter)national customers even better. She has extensive experience in building brands and motivating the corresponding teams within the media industry. In addition, Stephanie is familiar with the African continent and its work culture.”

Stephanie Zee, managing director Team5pm Zuid-Afrika: “South Africa is vibrant in many ways. The contrast between the untamed nature and the colorful urban life makes it an attractive environment to produce diverse content. In cooperation with the Team5pm Studio in Amsterdam, headed by Frank de Wit, we want to work on great projects for our international customers. With great enthusiasm we have started to build a team of content and strategy specialists to help brands succeed on YouTube. The job postings are now live and the feedback shows that South Africans are also excited about our arrival. In my previous role as Head of Production at Towel, I worked with the co-founders of Team5pm five years ago. In the meantime, I worked in Texas and Kenya as Brand Manager. When Jelmer shared his South Africa ambitions with me, it sounded like a plan I wanted to be a part of. Building Team5pm Cape Town together is a great start to 2022, or as they say here, “Lekker, lekker bru!””


Team5pm is The YouTube Agency for Publishers and Brand Publishers, focusing on data, research, strategy, content, advertising and video sales through its own YouTube network. Through data-driven consulting and algorithm-friendly content creation, Team5pm helps clients achieve success on YouTube. Among other things, by achieving more views, watch time, high Google & YouTube rankings, ad revenue, leads and conversion on YouTube. The team of 80 employees consists of the best YouTube experts. Be a team player, work smart, be innovative and have fun. The head office is located on the Baarsjesweg in Amsterdam. The agency also has offices in Stockholm, Cape Town and Cologne. Team5pm now works for clients including KPN, Volkswagen, AH Allerhande, Interpolis, Hyundai and Center Parcs.