team5pm introduces ‘attention ads’

An integrated approach to effective online commercials

The average Dutchie watches even less TV – the lineair watch time in the Netherlands went down last year with -16% (SKO, 2022). And although we are all just cutting down on our hours watching the telly, the costs for advertising on the big screen increase tremendously. The average GRP (Gross Rating Point) prices grew with +23% (Zentih, 2023). That’s why more brands are deciding to move (part of) their budget to online. A smart choice – but be aware: the laws of a good online campaign are very different than the ones for TV! Want to generate attention as an online advertiser? Then you should change the way you look at producing and distributing video commercials. 

Attention Ads: create strong commercials that fit the online world

That’s why Team5pm introduces ‘Attention Ads’ – a new, integrated way of creating and distributing effective digital-first commercials. By playing by the rules of the online world your brand will not only be able to grab your viewer’s attention, but also hold it as long as possible. This new approach is based on three principles – the core of developing effective online video ads.

Use data insights to determine which story your commercial should tell

How do I know what my target audiences really wants to see? Which content really fulfils the needs of my ideal viewer? The answer is: you’ll know with data! Based on data research, you will get to know your target audience. By analysing their interests and online view- and search behaviour, you’ll get a clear view on what type of videos will hold the most attention. This is how you can develop advertising campaigns, that your audience genuinely loves to watch and that skyrockets quality attention.

Get the know your target audience: an example

A dog food brand asked us what online ad they had to create to convince their audience that their brand was the best choice for their pet. With data-driven content research, we mapped out what dog-related content was the hottest at the moment. The data didn’t lie: dog reaction videos with dog voice-overs were by far the most popular. Our in-house creatives came up with a ‘pet diary’ ad format – showcasing life from a dog point-of-view with funny voice-overs. With in-depth audience research we got insight into the trail of signals their audience left behind within the Google Ecosystem: dog food related keywords they searched for, relevant websites they visited and which pet-related apps they downloaded. This information allowed us to optimise scripts, the setting of the format and to create a spot-on targeting. By tapping into the trends you see in data and using creativity as the magic touch you can create an online ad that doesn’t interrupt what your target group is interested in, but is what your group is interested in.

Change the way you build up your story

The traditional way of building up a commercial doesn’t apply in our digital world. A careful build-up, that slowly moves towards the clue and branding? That doesn’t fit the contemporary attention span anymore! To grab and hold attention online, you need to start your story in the midst of the action. Add multiple twists and early brand cues to keep attention as high as possible. We call this ‘the emerging story arc’. By utilising both the emerging story arc and Google’s ABCD framework for effective creatives, you’ll make sure the story in your creative matches the online attention span.

With sleep retailer Beter Bed we created a YouTube Commercial that perfectly integrates Google’s ABCD framework. The commercial starts directly with action, while the tempo stays high with different twists. The brand is being mentioned in the first 5 seconds and at the end, the viewer is directed to take action.


Reach your audience on the right platform and optimise your mediaplan with data

The platform where your online commercial is shown determines what your ad will look like. This differs from traditional media. Before you start creating your ad, you first have to get clear where your commercial will be distributed. Which target group uses which platform? And how is that platform being used? Simply said: you should know what your distribution plan looks like, before you go into the creation phase. And you know that by smartly using data! Doing research into the online behaviour of your target group, will offer you insight into how the media mix is being used within the customer journey and on which online platforms you have to be active as a brand. You’ll get advise on which story line matches which platform best and you’ll get a clear media plan with accompanying KPIs.

The Attention Ads Framework: strategy, concepting, production and media buying under one roof

The principles for developing effective online commercials, are incorporated into the Attention Ads Framework. This is a method consisting of 4 steps: strategy, concepting, production and media buying. By performing all phases under one roof, concepting, production and media strategy go hand in hand.

attention ads
  • Strategy

In the strategy phase, data research on platform usage, view behaviour and content trends is utilised to form a media strategy, determine KPIs and generate the most important insights for concepting.

  • Concepting

Out of platform and audience data, a creative concept is made. Guided by Google’s ABCD framework and pre-tested under a relevant target audience.

  • Production

What determines effectiveness differs per platform. During one production day, we efficiently shoot platform-specific storylines and assets. By pre-testing and optimising ads in their natural environment, we maximise viewers retention and performance.

  • Media Buying

A media buy-in that fits our current day and age: transparant, responsible and brand safe. Thanks to target audience and content research from the strategy phase, we know exactly how to reach your potential consumer. In each phase of the funnel. Besides KPIs on campaign level, we measure the effect on brand KPIs, like brand consideration, preference and purchase intention.

Want to know more about Attention Ads?

Is your brand ready to make effective online commercials? With our Attention Ads framework, you can create online commercials that your target audience actually wants to see, on platforms they really use. Have you gotten curious about how you can put Attention Ads to use, just like Beter Bed, Centraal Beheer and Volkswagen?

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