Peter Minkjank, co-founder of Team5pm | The YouTube Agency: “YouTube has become one of the most important tools in the media mix and we want to offer our customers all aspects of the YouTube journey. We already have a contentdata and advertising department, but a comprehensive research department was missing. We are now able to not only understand the impact of YouTube usage behavior on brand values, but also predict and optimize the effectiveness of advertising tools. With ‘Team5pm Labs’, we can serve our clients even more effectively and they can better reach their target audiences thanks to these smart insights. Yannick has years of experience in pre-testing apps and websites and is now rolling this out to YouTube videos. Team5pm Labs operates independently, so clients who are not affiliated with us can also take advantage of our research services.”

Yannick Abrahams, Managing Director Team5pm Labs said:  “With Team5pm Labs, we deliver value at every stage of the YouTube funnel by conducting data and customer-driven research. We do this by developing a continuous feedback loop for our clients that puts the end user – the YouTube viewer – at the center. In this way, we help brands, advertisers and publishers generate more reach and quality exposure, and get the most out of their YouTube budgets. We know that YouTube achieves more than just views, view duration and subscribers. That’s why we continually measure brand impact to understand YouTube’s impact on brand KPIs like brand awareness, brand preference and purchase intent. We also predict the effectiveness of video creatives and optimize them before they go online. Research shows that more than 50% of a digital campaign’s success depends on its design. That’s why we pre-test thumbnails and videos using audience engagement data, eye-tracking, heat mapping and neuro research.”


Team5pm is The YouTube Agency for publishers and brands, that focuses on data research, strategy, content, advertising and video sales through its own YouTube-network. Through data-driven consulting and algorithm-friendly content creation, Team5pm helps clients achieve success on YouTube. For example by achieving more views, watch time, high Google & YouTube rankings, ad revenue, leads and conversions on YouTube. The team of over 80 employees consists of the best YouTube experts. The head office is located on the Baarsjesweg in Amsterdam. Team5pm now works for brands as ANWB, Amazon Prime Video, Samsung, AkzoNobel, The Ocean Clean-up, GAMMA, Jacobs Douwe Egberts and KPN.


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