Dutch ministries: start using YouTube in your online communication strategy!

The top ten government ministries on YouTube based on views, engagements and videos

Especially during the pandemic, a transparent way of communication from Dutch ministries to civilians has become crucial. That’s where YouTube comes in: the platform can play a key role in the government’s online communication strategy. So, how are these ministries putting the popular video platform into use? We’ve collected and analyzed data on their accumulated views, engagements and uploaded videos. It can already be said that YouTube’s potential was not fully exploited by any of the channels. There’s plenty of room to improve. Check out how to!

Leaderboards are based on the number of views, videos and engagements on YouTube. Who mastered the YouTube algorithm and used YouTube’s potential to the fullest? Check it out in our latest leaderboard about the Dutch ministries on YouTube!

Improvement on YouTube


If looking at views based on the length of the videos, it can be seen that most views are generated by videos shorter than 2 minutes – however, the majority of these views come from advertising. All ten channels considered in our ranking have mainly paid commercials as content. The chance to benefit from organic content is not used at all – the channels being analyzed should change that, because trust in organic content is much higher than in paid content. Users automatically pay more attention and importance to this type of content, because they are interested in seeing the content when they need it. Here are points to remember:

1) Video Length
Ministries should focus on creating long-term content that grabs people’s attention. Since YouTube’s goal is to keep viewers on the platform for as long as possible, the algorithm pushes longer content – especially to non-subscribers. On the other hand, long term content that is not viewed for a long time is not pushed by the algorithm. Therefore, videos should not be artificially lengthened just to achieve a certain video length. This can have a negative impact on the quality of the contributions.

2) Optimization
To be successful on YouTube, it’s important to optimize content organically. SEO-optimized video titles, descriptions and custom thumbnails make videos easier to find and increase organic reach. In addition, it is valuable for a channel to keep viewers engaged for as long as possible in order to be pushed by the YouTube algorithm. Endscreens and I-cards, which pop up during or at the end of the video to draw attention to other videos on the playlist or channel, are useful. None of the top 10 ministry channels exploit the full potential of organic optimization.


It’s important to create videos that get YouTube Likes. Viewers like videos that teach them something, answer questions, are entertaining, touch emotionally, or convey a topic well. When creating videos, make sure that one or more of these aspects are covered. The following are opportunities for ministries to properly exploit the potential of youtube:

1. YouTube Shorts
YouTube Shorts is a brand-newly introduced feature which resembles the popularity of TikTok and Instagram Reels. YouTube Shorts can be used to create short and meaningful content. Creators get your message across in less than 60 seconds and viewers enter a loop where hundreds of shorts are recommended one after another. The YouTube Shorts feature offers tremendous opportunities because it gets pushed by the algorithm and generates a lot of additional reach – in terms of views, but also subscribers.

2. YouTube Stories
With the YouTube Stories feature, more engagement with the audience can be generated. This can also be valuable for ministries. This feature allows channels to upload short posts that are only available for a limited time. Stories offer the chance to convey a quick and authentic image of one’s channel and to engage with subscribers. Ministries should use YouTube Stories to build and communicate a special connection with their followers. For example, you can do Q&A sessions in Stories and answer viewers’ most frequently asked questions.

3) Explainer videos
One format that works very well with viewers is explainer videos. This is about explaining an important context or message that is relatively complex at first glance. Ministries should use this format to cover complicated topics and explain the desired content in a clear and entertaining way. The advantages of this format are that the central message can be conveyed and the curiosity of the viewers usually results in a higher time spent on the page.


When uploading videos and creating channels, YouTube asks whether the videos are “made for children” or not. If this is not set correctly, there may be consequences. A video is made for children if they are the main audience or the topic of the video is primarily directed at children. Additionally, some features, such as i-cards and end screens, as well as the notification bell will be restricted on “made for kids” videos. Even as an adult viewer, you lose access to basic YouTube features as a result. Some of the ministries have incorrectly set their videos as “made for children,” which restricts features for viewers.

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